Bug in Coherence and exiting programs

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by elan, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. elan

    elan Junior Member

    I'm using Parallels to do development in Visual Studio 2005. If I debug an application and then kill it forcibly within Visual Studio, Parallels leaves a blank gray window in its place which I can only get rid of by exiting Coherence mode and coming back in.

    It's as if Parallels can only track a program exiting through normal means, and not being whacked by a debugger.


  2. rhind

    rhind Member

    I have exactly the sample problem. Parallels seems to think that the window is still there and shows the desktop through (or whatever was behind that window) until you exit coherence.

    I guess it doesn't detect when a process was 'killed' yet, only when applications exit gracefully.

    I have the same problem with both VS2005 and C++Builder 6. It is annoying as my apps run full screen, so after killing in the debugger, the entire desktop is always shown until, as you say, exiting coherence and re-entering it.

    Hopefully this can be fixed for the final release.



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