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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by sgaggy, Dec 7, 2011.

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    in the new version of Android RDP client, there are three buttons (mouse, keyboard, etc.), top right, but this hides the head of all the windows in this position, and it is impossible to close them because the button is under X windows the "Other".
    I guess the buttons are placed in a transparent bar and icons all windows that are positioned in line with this are covered, in fact the icon "My Computer", in line with the three buttons do not respond to double click.
    You can remove the buttons and place them in the menu button as in the previous version?

    Sorry for my English:)

    Thanks and see you soon.

  2. sgaggy

    sgaggy Guest

    I apologize for the previous post, but I had not read the directions on the ability to hide the bar with a gesture. The problem is that people like me who uses asus eee pad transformer, with dock, does not use the table, but uses the keyboard to access the remote computer. Confirm the request in a next release to put the menu button on the toolbar Android.
    Thank you and see you soon,
  3. Hi there,

    First of all the menu button you were using is no longer supported in new devices , that was google that removed it not us.
    So basically now to remove the bar, you need to use the three finger swipe movement in up and down to close it.

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