[Bug] - Minimized applications in coherence mode

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    I have (2) screenshots showing this issue and it drives me nuts. I know it isn't a major factor from what I can see but simply ANNOYING!

    Screenshot One: http://d.pr/i/25gI
    (You will see that it added > symbol at the end)

    Screenshot Two: http://d.pr/i/cbUy
    (You will see that it added 5 at the end)

    Sometimes these characters / numbers, etc! can be longer and it is annoying.

    If there is an email to report these bugs / issues, etc! It would be nice to get or find out what causes this and or if this can be fixed or why it is happening.

    This doesn't just happen with Mozilla Firefox. It happens with any application that is minimized in coherence mode.
    Using Parallels 8 Desktop for Mac.

    Thanks for reading and if this is in the wrong area point me in the right area to where these can be reported.
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