Bug? Parallels 7 and Mission Control in Lion

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by stoli412, Sep 1, 2011.

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    That may be, but this thread and my post pertain to PD7 and Mission Control. However if they supported Spaces in a previous life, perhaps they will decide to tackle Mission Control someday... It's not a showstopper, just a major irritation that need not exist. They were probably too busy coding the random advertisements that popup now, instead of concentrating on trivial things like usability.

  2. Dasha.L


    You can use mission control feature with Parallels Desktop 7 after switching to Coherence mode (Parallels Desktop menu -> View -> Enter Coherence). Please make sure that Parallels Tools are installed on your Virtual Machine.

    In Mac System Preferences -> Mission Control there are some keyboard shortcuts:
    Mission Control F9
    Application windows F10

    If you open a couple applications on your virtual machine, switch to Coherence mode and press:
    F9 - You will be able to see all opened Mac windows and Parallels applications as "Parallels Desktop". You can drug application into a other Desktop
    F10 and click on Parallels Desktop icon in the dock - you will get separate windows of applications, opened in your VM so you can click on it
  3. PC Mac Dr

    PC Mac Dr

    COME ON ALREADY, Build 7.0.15055

    Still NOT staying in its proper windows

    I have it configured to Desktop 16

    When I first launch PD7 in start in 16, once again when I press one of the VM, it GOES back to Desktop 1

    Come ON, this REALLY needs to be FIXED, WE have been making request for a FIX for quite some time.

    If Parallels Team can't figure it out, then GET help or take notes from VMFusion


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