[BUG] PD 3 Triggers Spotlight after closing a Bootcamp partition

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by non-troppo, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. non-troppo


    [BUG] PD 3 Keeps Retriggering Spotlight after closing a Bootcamp partition

    Parallels unmounts bootcamp partition when using them, then remounts them after the virtual machine is turned off. After the bootcamp drive is remounted coreservicesd and mds both start to consume about %40 CPU each for several minutes. Though I'm not sure, that is spotlight force reindexing IINM. I don't think Parallels should be forcing spotlight to reindex each time it is used, and I don't think that happened in V2.5. Could someone else confirm?
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  2. itistoday


    Yes, I am having this same exactly problem. This is incredibly annoying, so much so that I will not pay for Parallels until they fix it. I would rather go through the hassle of booting into bootcamp than have to deal with this.

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