BUG : PD9 (at least on 10.9 Mavericks): system shortcuts "on condition" is broken

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Olivier, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    The preferences setting to pass system keyboard shortcuts on "condition", that is to guest when it is active, or to host when no VM is active, is broken on PD9, at least on Mavericks (no experience of PD9 on anything else than Mavericks, sorry). The shortcuts are always passed to host when set to "on condition". To pass them to guest, I have to set this to "never" or to disable those shortcuts in host.

    A very simple example : Mavericks as host, Windows 8 Pro as guest, Visual Studio 2012 editing a C++ source file. Hitting CTRL-F7 should compile the edited file. Though Mac OS x associates CTRL-F7 by default to "Modify the way the tab key moves between targets". To get CTRL-F7 to work inside Visual Studio, I have to either set the global preferences of PD9 to "never" pass to host, OR to disable the CTRL-F7 shortcut in Mac OS X. The "on condition" serves NO purpose. It's currently a dead fish.
  2. bigheadjer

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    I've noticed the same behaviour on PD10. This is extremely annoying because I prefer to use my Windows VM in Coherence mode and my Linux VMs in Full Screen, and I hate having to constantly switch between Always and Never in Preferences depending on which VM I am running at the moment. What's worse is when I have my Windows VM and one of my Linux VMs running at the same time (necessary for some of my work).

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