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    I am getting repeated BSOD on XP SP2 under Parallels on a new MacBook. Invariably this occurs with the message BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER.

    To make this happen, all I need to do is plug in a USB peripheral and then try and do something with it. For example, a Creative ZEN. Connects up OK but as soon as I try and look at the audio files on it, or sync it using Windows Media player.

    Alternatively, a PC card adapter to allow me use my 3G card on the MacBook. This can work for anywhere between 10 seconds and 5 minutes, and then something, somewhere falls over and the old blue screen of death reappears.

    However, a Windows smart phone through Active Sync never causes this.

    It would be terrific if anyone else had a view on this. I've seen one other reference to USB problems on this forum thread2353 ....

    XP is fully service packed, anti-virused, spywared and the registry is clean.


  2. makeniphil

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    Great to see more than 40 views. Its a dry, boring subject unless it happens to you. Does it? Any ideas of a fix?
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    I have also gotten this error


    i have the exact same circumstance. new macbook, parallels, xp sp2.

    upon connecting a creative zen vision m i get a windows message saying there are no hi speed usb ports and then an immediate blue screen.

    i have tried using usb autoconnect and manual in the parallels prefs.

    If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them!
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    Having the same problem!! I have a creative zen vision w and everything connects perfectly but it is really annoying that it isn't working. I wish someone would have found a fix! SO IRRITATING THAT I CAN LOAD MUSIC ON IT
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    Make sure you're using RC2 build 3150. The earlier builds had a far less reliable USB interface.

    The GA version (build 1970) only had support for USB 1.1, not USB 2.
  6. paul-n

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    I'm getting precisely the same problem with build 3170 and a Belkin DWL-122 USB wifi adapter. Has anyone found resolution to this problem?

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