Build 1940 of Parallels Desktop for Mac

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. ikisai


    I'm using 1940 and can still VPN in to my work network, running Cisco VPN and RSA software tokens
  2. scotymac


    Not yet Max, if you can get your hands on an 1862 build, that was the most stable to date for networking.
  3. odin



    I have seen similar things in a PCB layout application I use, Altium Designer 6. I notice it most when scrolling the display of a PCB or when a dialog box pops up. Often I need to drag the dialog box a bit and then it becomes readable. Don't remember having these issues before 1940.
  4. bobbyt

    bobbyt Product Expert

    I've had the same "Previous Shutdown Cause: 3" error and have been trying to narrow it down. I have a MacBook & just got it back from repair a week ago due to random shutdowns. I thought the problem was resurfacing but after doing a search for the specific error I stumbled here. Both times Parallels build 1940 was running under Windows XP... I wonder if in fact Paralles Desktop 1940 is the cause... Well, hopefully this will be sorted out soon if this is the cause... As I was about ready to storm back into the Apple Store...

    All be it, maybe parallels wasn't running the second time... :confused: hmmm, I need to pay closer attention to that...
  5. jumphog


    Build 1940 - broke my wireless connection!

    Hello, I've been been using parallels for some time and have been loving it! - registered customer and everything.. Everything was working fine and dandy with the latest beta, but when I upgraded to 1940 (after waiting a few days from it's release) - it's broken my wireless connection on both my iMac and my Macbook! - It now wont connect wirelessly at all - I'm looking at various threads about networking issues, but I couldn't not see a post stating the same issues I know seem to have since installing 1940, so figured I'd post here, hopefully with a simple solution to follow!

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