Build 1970 very very sloow

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rjgebis, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. rjgebis

    rjgebis Hunter

    I just want to ask others if they noticed general slowness of latest builds. I am on Mac Book Pro and since Parallales changes were done to support more memory on Pro systems looks like to me like it is worse on MBP. Very much it could be perception of when this happened. One thing I am sure of it is that it is sloooow in the latest build compare to others.
    I have 2G RAM allocated to VM 1024 Mb, Running only windows (900Mb). Nothing else is running on Mac. Windows Task manager shows very low CPU usage on windows and Mac. Well mac little bigger. I also have the latest Tools installed. Anyone noticed this.

    When I mean slow I mean general usage. I have Visual Studio 2005. VirtueDesktop and It sits there for a while. While the CPU usage is low. Also Sometimes switching between full or windowed mode it is not smooth as it used to be. Sometime I do not see any transitions just pause and right into full screen mode.
  2. dmacd

    dmacd Junior Member

    yes slower

    I also noticed that ver 1970 seems somewhat slower in Outlook 2003, etc. Seems to pause somwtimes for 30 seconds or more.
  3. selch

    selch Bit poster

    Yeah, I'd agree with both the above posts.
  4. bcslick03

    bcslick03 Bit poster

    Me too

    I just got the Macbook pro core 2 duo 2.33 (first Mac ever) and I'm having the same Windows XP is running unbearably slow...and right now the VM memory is set to 412 MB (recommended) and the PArallels reserve memory is set to 512 MB...Either way, evreything is running at a snails pace...Can anyone provide insight or help to fix this so I can achieve the same results as those who say that Windows is running on their Macbook just like a normal PC?


  5. balkanboris

    balkanboris Member

    I also have MBP 2.33 with build 1970 and Win XP runs very well. Not slow at all. I haven't done anything special. 2 GB RAM with 1.5 reserved for parallels and 1024 allocated to XP. Also have parallels tools installed.
  6. ksenks

    ksenks Parallels Developers

    Low performance

    Most commonly guest OS performance is low because of VM memory misconfiguration:

    1.Launch Parallels Desktop.
    2.Click on the "Parallels Desktop" menu on Mac menubar, select "Preferences".
    3.Open "Memory" section and make sure that "Reserved Memory Limit" is set to maximum value, this setting indicates the maximum ammount of RAM that VM may take from the host system. Hit "OK" to close "Preferences" window.
    4.Click on the "Memory" link in the main Parallels Desktop for Mac configuration window
    5.Make sure that "Memory Size" setting doesn't exceed "Reserved memory limit", it's better to keep "Memory Size" ammount at the recommended value.
    6.Hit "OK" to close "Configuration Editor"
    The other possible reason for VM low performance is some resident software running in guest OS (particular anti-virus programs for example).
  7. bcslick03

    bcslick03 Bit poster


    That could be it...I have Norton Antivirus running right now...I thought that b/c I'm running this VM, I would need the antivirus software as well to protect against the numerous viruses under Windows...This is my first mac, so I'm a big newbie...Anyways, do I need to run any virus software under this VM? Thanks for the help!
  8. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    Yes, you need anti virus running in the VM. Running it under OSX will protect OSX from Windows viruses, which don't bother it anyway and is thus mostly pointless unless you want to catch Windows viruses so you don't pass them on.

    Anti virus can slow Windows to a crawl, but that' the price we pay for letting the virus writers live.

    FWIW, I'm running Win2k with MacAfee anti virus and it's pretty snappy.
  9. larryr3455

    larryr3455 Bit poster

    Running a MacPro with 2GB memory 1970 seems just fine in speed. Set reserved memory to 1GB and the Preferences memory allocation to 640MB. AVG Free is running as the anti-virus program. 1970 does seem snappy with Parallels using all of one of the four CPUs and the other three running about 200% for a distributed processing program I keep running most of the time.
  10. Mark

    Mark Member

    I'm running 1970 and am seeing some issues. I wouldn't say that the system is slow, per se, but it used to boot much faster. It now frequently waits on the welcome screen for 10-30 seconds (or at least that's what it seems like.)

    I did check the mem config and I have things configured properly.
  11. doranchak

    doranchak Bit poster

    Same issue

    I am having the exact same issue with the new build. In fact, XP in my VM was running slow before I updated to build 1970.

    I have checked that my memory settings are optimal. There are no memory-bound or CPU-bound processes running whatsover in Windows XP running on the VM. I have no anti-virus software running. The slowness still happens even when I kill all the non-essential processes from Task Manager. However, I notice a lot of really high CPU usage spikes on my Mac for the Parallels application. I think something is making Parallels work harder. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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