Build 3106 + Mac Pro + BootCamp = BSOD

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by ChrisH, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Have been trying to get these new betas to work with my 100gb NTFS bootcamp partition, with no success.

    Here is a quick breakdown of this system.

    Dual 2.66 ghz Mac pro
    150 gb MAC Partition on Drive 1
    100 gb NTFS partition on Drive 1 with Windows XP Pro installed
    2gb RAM

    Whenever I try to launch the bootcamp partition, it prompts for the parallels profile, but then crashes within a couple of seconds. It I retry it in 'safe' mode, it seems to stop on the MUP.SYS file.

    Has anyone with a similar setup been able to make this work successfully? Any other suggestions that I may have overlooked?
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    Same problem here.
    I have a 2.66 Mac Pro too. 32GB FAT 32 with Win XP on Drive 1 (working Bootcamp config).
    I get a bluescreen sortly after the Parallels profile is selected, after about a half a second of the WindowsXP loading screen with the moving blue bar.
    Mine also gets to MUP.SYS if I do a safe mode reboot.
    I have tried a Repair Install within Parallels, which will make Parallels work fine, but then I can't dual boot - I get exactly the same error booting using bootcamp.
    Looking at this board, there are aat least a half dozen people reporting the same problem.


    The Bluescreen error is a 7B, i.e.:

    0x7B. Inaccessible boot device

    Which is interesting. In my macchine Drive 1 is a stock Seagate 250GB. I wonder what the other users with the error are booting off? I also have two other drives installed, but Parallels gives me a different error if I ty to boot off anything besides my first disk.
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