Build 3186 Coherence crashes XP

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by michaels, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. michaels

    michaels Bit poster

    After installing the latest build (aka 3186, release), trying to invoke Coherence consistently crashes the XP VM and causes a reboot. This was true of the last build (RC3) as well.
    I updated the Tools, ran Compressor, and tried this 5 times. Same result.
    Any ideas why this is so? I had assumed 3186 would be stable in regard to XP and Coherence
  2. dacloo

    dacloo Bit poster

    The betas were extremely instable and slow for me, I choose not to install 3186, even if it's a public version. 1970 runs like a charm, albeit without drag and drop support
  3. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Hum... Something is off because I had no problems at all with any of the RCs and Coherance. Could it be something about your XP setup or install?

    Many of us found that we needed to turn off the "Show applications in dock" preference in Parallels to get things to work.
  4. CountZero

    CountZero Member

    Me too, I have no problem running 3170 or 3186 and Coherance.
  5. yotimbo

    yotimbo Bit poster

    3186 Coherence Crash

    Same here... Coherence crashes my VM every time I use it, whether I click on the button to start it or set Startup Mode to start in Coherence.
  6. drval

    drval Pro

    I have no problem with Coherence and XP. Perhaps you could give more details about your setup and system?
  7. artchan

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    I posted this on another thread, but I think its related to the patches on XP. A fresh install of XPSP2 + parallels tools works fine. But when I use Windows's "automatic updates" and update my system to latest and greatest, coherence doesn't work anymore (crashes immediately).
  8. dtidmore

    dtidmore Member

    Coherence causing VM Monitor Fatal Error!!

    After months of flawless operation from all the various release and beta version, my installation has been hit with a fatal situation. Yesterday, I had been doing some clean up in my XP installation (freeing up some disc space). I was running in OS Screen mode even though I have been using Coherence since it was introduced in beta form. After completing the cleanup and a defrag, I rebooted and all was well. Then I hit the Coherence button, and BAM!!, Parallel crashed and reported that the VM monitor had a FATAL error. I tried restarting Parallels and XP and since it apparently remembered me switching to Coherence, once it reached the point in the boot process where Coherence mode would kick in, the fatal error. I was running 3186, so I decided to try 3188. Same problem. Switched back to 3186. I then decided to try a Safe Mode boot as I thought I might preclude Parallels from auto switching to Coherence while booting. That worked so I felt a bit better that I could get to my XP environment. I have a utility in XP (StartupCop) that lets me disable all the apps and utilities that I normally launch during boot (ie Zonelab, etc) and I turned off everything. Did a reboot in normal mode and BAM!, fatal error. I then deleted the VM and created a new one pointing to my existing disc images and was able to boot in normal mode. With all my "stuff" turned off, I decided to try Coherence since I was running XP in normal mode. As soon as I tried to switch to Coherence, BAM!, fatal error. This time though, I was able to relaunch Parallels and XP booted in normal mode.

    I REALLY like Coherence mode, so this a bummer. Any suggestions? I am running XP SP2 with ALL the latest updates. Other than an update to ZoneLabs Internet Security Suite to version 7, nothing has changed in my environment in weeks. I know that ZoneLabs is not the issue as the Coherence issue occurs whether ZoneLabs is allow to launch during boot or is disabled.

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