Build 3188 is available

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by javester, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. mark.burton

    mark.burton Member

    It did for me. I wish they could solve this. Surely MS will eventually just tell me I've over done it for activation's?

  2. hippotech

    hippotech Member

    Anyone know if the tools with this version fixes the video driver issue with Windows 95 /98 / ME.

  3. bdcnil2

    bdcnil2 Junior Member

    Parallels Tools reinstall/update

    Did you reboot your Mac after installing build 3188? I saw that suggestion in an earlier thread. Also I upgraded from 3186 to 3188 today with my VM still suspended from last night. It opened to how I left Coherence. No tools install started. So I shutdown my VM (XPSP2) and relaunched it. Then Tools install started and installed, reboot VM and all is fine.

    MBB Core Duo 1 GB RAM, 80 GBHD, FW LaCie 250, w/60 gig Fat 32 Win partition
    BTW, I can share a folder on the FW Windows partition so no need for extra HD in the VM.:eek:
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  4. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    menu >> help >> Check for Updates >> just hangs and does not find this upgrade

    Hugh W
  5. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    Is 3188 really, really the final, final of version 2.5???? :confused:

    Any word from the Parallels team would be nice here.
  6. fbx

    fbx Hunter

    No--what they do is require you to telephone and on the telephone they ask how many machines the OS is installed on. You tell them one and they activate. Sometimes they set it so you can activate several times. Might tell the telephone people you're trying it in different setups or whatever.

    I know, it's idiotic.
  7. limec

    limec Member

    3186 should have been RC3, and maybe 3188 is RC4?

    Parallels' trigger happy, maybe?
  8. Fireguy

    Fireguy Member

    upgrade to 3188 from 86 was flawless on a MacPro, tools re-installed automatically and Coherence or full screen is fine. I am happy!
  9. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    No, both 3186 and 3188 are finals of version 2.5 because Parallels doesn't put betas or RCs on their official download page.

    Again Parallels team any word on what's fixed with 3188 would be deeply appreciated!
  10. BenInBlack

    BenInBlack Pro

    The big question for me is that, from 3186 I do a check for updates and it tell me that there are no updates and my 3186 is the most recent.

    If it hadnt been for someone noticing there is a new build in download section and posting to this board, I wouldn't have had any idea.

    Maybe the growth of the product happened quicker than they expected and the auto-update has been down temp till new infrastruture can be put in place. I could imagaine this is a huge bandwidth hog to offer this feature

    Things are fine with 3186 for me and will upgrade shortly
  11. NeoDynamic

    NeoDynamic Bit poster

    Well fro my piece of mind I'm not going to install it. If there's no ingredients label on it then I'm sure not going to put it in my soup ;)

    I think I'll wait till they do a release with some real info. My 3186 install is working OK with a few USB HD hickups which I've got a support request posted for. I can live with that for the time being.
  12. ircoha

    ircoha Bit poster

    Upgraded to 3188 Parallels tools option greyout in Actions menu

    hence my XP VM is not functioning properly
    It tells me I need to run Tools but the option is not available.

    Thanks in advance
  13. artchan

    artchan Bit poster


    I had this problem with RC3, but I suspect the problem may have existed before. Basically when I patch windows to a certain level with "automatic updates", the VM isn't ever able to get into coherence mode anymore. I have a bare windows image (basically no patches, right off of the xp sp2 CDROM), and coherence still works fine for it.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  14. fullnelson

    fullnelson Bit poster

    I updated to 3188 and continue to have problems wtih Parallel Tools. I had the similar problems in 3186 but I could ignore the warning that tools was not installed and could get by find with whatever version of Tools was indeed running even though it much have been a mismatch. Not so with 3188. I'm now stuck and can't get a clean re-install of Tools to work. I've posted under a separate Parallel Tools thread looking for more help and support.
  15. justflybob

    justflybob Member

    No problems here - well, sort of

    I was able to auto-update to build 3188 and reinstalled Pararells Tools without any issues. Does seem to run faster and with less hiccups.

    However, I am still patiently waiting for someone to fix the bug that will not allow my to access an EZ Data database which resides on another computer by using Sybase SQL Server.

    Anyone know of any workarounds or fixes?

    Thanks! :D
  16. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    If you are using shared networking and the Sybase server is trying to make a callback to the client it will probably fail - the Windows VM is not visible to your network when using shared netnworking. It is a case where bridged networking is needed. If that's not it then perhaps something as simple as adding a host table entry in Windows with the IP of your Sysbase server will fix it. If you can't ping the Sysbase server from Windows then you have routing problems.

    People frequently complain here of networking problems without providing any clue for the rest of us as to whether it is a connectivity problem (can't ping a remot IP) vs a DNS problem (can't ping a remote hostname). If you cannot ping the default router (the one used by OS X) then you will not likely be able to communicate with your network let alone the Internet, so that's always a place to start. And always ping using an IP when testing connectivity, and by host when curious about DNS.
  17. justflybob

    justflybob Member

    Sorry for the lack of technical stuff, dkp.

    1) I am using bridged networking
    2) I can ping the Sybase server from my side
    3) All other networking features work just fine.
    4) I also can connect to my VPN
    5) I have no idea how to add a host table entry - help?

    Thanks! :D
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  18. greg1075

    greg1075 Member

    I'm still wondering why the Parallels team haven't put a sticky on top of the page to indicate 3188 was available.
  19. Moe

    Moe Bit poster

    FWIW, 3188 is working fine so far on my Mini, with XP non-Bootcamp, XP using Bootcamp, Vista, and ubuntu 6.06 LTS. The Windows VMs all auto-updated Parallel Tools, but on Vista, it was like that Apple Vista Accept/Deny commercial. Will install it on my MacBook with XP using Bootcamp tonight, but don't expect any problems.
  20. ajcooper

    ajcooper Member

    This one has affected me as well. Since moving to 3186 the audio on any webcam sessions became unusable. I've had to go back to my PC for messenger. I know the stock answer will be to try it myself, but my folks on the other end of the webcam don't have the patience! So if anyone can confirm if the USB audio problem has been resolved I'd much appreciate it.

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