build 4124,4128 OS/2 mouse support broken

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by Maurilio, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Maurilio

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    after intalling PD 3.0 (build 4124 and 4128) my OS/2 guest host does not load PRLMOUS.SYS (mouse integration) anymore.

    PRLMOUS$: Device driver not installed

    I've tried to reinstall it from vmtools.iso without success, it was working nicely with previous builds.

    I have eComStation 1.2 italian.

  2. Ankou

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    Hello Maurilio
    Did you try to reinstall Parallels Tools in the Safe Mode?
  3. Rachel Faith

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    See ????

    Here we go AGAIN...

    There are now 14 different posts on this ISSUE of the Mouse not releasing and half of the posts have NO REPLY and the other have have this GOD FORSAKEN INANE REPLY about did you install the tools?

    Listen to us you freaks !!

    YES we havbe installed the tools.

    YES we have uninstalled Parallels and reinstalled parallels on the mac.

    YES we have installed IN and OUT of safe mode.

    YES we have held down the option button and clicked PREPARE TO INSTALL.

    NONE of those options are WORKING.

    Is that perfectly clear ???

    Now... 14 POSTS..... FIND ONE and Make a serious reply.

    For the LOVE OF GOD PLEASE !!
  4. Eru Ithildur

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    You would be surprised, Rachel, at how many people don't install their tools. Maybe you do, maybe they don't. It would be a waste of resources for Parallels not to answer this question. As for your issue getting replies. I really wouldn't WANT to reply to you if I were them, I would because I can see the potential for a blow-up, but the way you go on is a great way to not get a response.
  5. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    The way I am posting now is a result of being ignored. Cause and effect. It does not excuse them for failing to answer the dozen other posts on this subject or the HUNDREDS on the other subjects. It also does not bode well for customer service expectation. Any simple S1 level 9 per hour rep has has basic training in how to address irate customers and how to mitiaget and reasure customers of their deep concerns.

    Everyone that is except this company, whose MO seems to be IGNORE, DISMISS OR ABUSE.
  6. Maurilio

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    There is not such a thing as 'safe mode' on OS/2 (maybe you mean starting OS/2 with Alt-F1 pressed, to reach the maintenance menu and then installing from there, but, given that we are just adding a device= statement to config.sys it should make no difference at all).

    I've installed them using the \Drivers\Mouse\ECS12\INSTALL.CMD file inside vmtools.iso.

    It says installation was ok and to restart the system.

    I did verify that prlmous.sys, prlmflt.dll and mouse.sys were copied to \os2\boot folder on the OS/2 boot volume.

    INSTALL.CMD adds prlmous.sys to config.sys and changes the mouse.sys calling line adding


    it also changes the set c1= statement adding a reference to PRLMFLT

    As I said, it was working with builds before the 4124 (PD 3) one.


  7. Ankou

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    I am really sorry, I guess, I didn't read your thread carefully.
    We will investigate your problem. Please be patient.
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