Build 4560 and Vista -- Lower CPU usage!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by fwong, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. fwong

    fwong Member

    I just upgraded my MacBookPro to Parallels Build 4560 and immediately see a big improvement regarding CPU usage with Vista under Parallels.

    Parallels 4128:
    Idle CPU Usage bounced between 70% and 107%
    (maybe it shows 100%+ because its a CoreDuo2)

    Parallels 4560:
    Idle CPU Usage bounces between 24% and 47%

    These are numbers I'm observing in the Mac OS X Activity Monitor (Parallels Desktop task)

    Before - I had to switch to BootCamp at times due to poor performance - now - performance in Parallels is close enough that I will probably stay in Mac OS X with Parallels most of the time.
  2. kosh

    kosh Member

    I've noticed the same thing as well. Build 4560 idles in Vista with much lower CPU usage than 4128 did. In addition the boot time for Vista has decreased noticeably (as well as improved graphics improvement).
  3. WimDS

    WimDS Hunter

    Indeed, much better speed of Vista in this build, this is really a great update! Thank you Parallels guys.

    Now just OpenGL support for Linux so we can use Beryl and 3D support so we can plan games in Windows under Parallels :-D
  4. WimDS

    WimDS Hunter

    And full Coherence support fu Linux of course! :)

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