build 5600 -- My activation key is rejected

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by yerugid, May 11, 2008.

  1. yerugid


    I have Parallels Desktop on my new Macbook Pro, and of course I have the CD.
    When I try to download the build 5600 image (DMG) file so I can update,
    at ,I can't.
    And when I try to register, my activation key (from the CD envelope) is rejected.
    I tried it with and without hyphens, and the narrow zero with the slash through it
    is something I interpret as zero. At this point, my only hope is to wait until I can
    get the update through "update" (it's not being offered that way yet: "update"
    results in the claim that I have the latest build, though I have 5584).
    Anyone else have that kind of trouble?
  2. astoeffer

    astoeffer Bit Poster

    Same by me


    I bought an OEM version with my MacBook Pro by Gravis. Build 5582 (teh Version on the OEM cd) freezes my MacBook an 5584 work fine.
    If I want to upgrade to Build 5600 Parallels want an activation key but did not accept the OEM key.

    Please, anyone from the Paralllels staff, give us an answer.

    Best regards

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