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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by waterhead37, Sep 26, 2006.

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    I am running build 1862.2 on my MBP 17 inch and it does just about all I need and so I have stayed away from updating it for fear of messing up something that works. However, being a big believer in the grass being greener on the other side of the fence ;) , I am intrigued to know if I am missing anything with later builds - I know it's kind of impossible to answer that so perhaps I should say, is there a later build I am likey to be able to use safely that offers enhanced features ?
  2. BenInBlack



    Most of the recent builds have been dealing with the new Pro hardware.

    Several Items I have noticed in going to the latest 1910 build
    1. Faster Shared Folder
    2. Better handling of Copy/Paste from/to-Mac/Win

    The biggest reason i went to 1910 was to try Windows Vista

    I can say this. if you are having no problems with 1862, you should sail thru the upgrades without any problems. Please backup your .PVS and .HDD prior.
  3. AlanH

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    I posted about problems in 1910 (and 1908) with pasting to Win98 from OS X. The other way works fine. I had no reply. Do you find that works OK for you?
  4. BenInBlack


    Its working a little better, i still get times where i cuts off the last char when i past into windows, or i get extra characters. I still havent isolated which programs from/to
  5. majortom


    1910 is fine for me vs 1898 and 1848. (MacBook). Not only... WinXp boot looks faster, Shared Folders is istantaneus (even faster than in 1848) and mouse in Linux better responsive. By the rest:
    - stopped EDGE->EN2 sharing in OS X prefs (not sure if needed)
    - uninstalled previous version (recommended)
    - installed latest version
    - rebooted (recommended)
    - reactivated EDGE->EN2 sharing in OS X prefs

    BTW: still waiting for Parallels Tools for Linux...
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