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    My Windows 10 frequently hangs or freezes. Recovering from a hang or freeze on a Parallels VM is never easy, and can take hours because of all the "features" trying to avoid loss of data. Task Manager and Apple menu Force Quit are often unable to kill the hung process. Forcing Parallels to quit usually doesn't help because the relaunched Parallels tries to resume operation of the hung Windows process.

    If I were running Windows on a real computer, one of my first troubleshooting steps would be to nuke all running apps and reboot. In years past, I have gone so far as to remove the battery from a laptop or pull the power cord from a desktop computer. Those steps reliably gain Windows' attention and force it to perform a complete reboot when power is restored. Doing so either fixes the problem or allows me to develop reproducible steps that cause the hang or freeze so I can report them to Microsoft.

    Please make it easy to recover from a hang/freeze/crash by giving me a button to forcibly reboot Windows. This button should make no attempt to recover or close my hung/frozen apps. I want to be able to access such a button when the VM is hung and the Parallels menu bar isn't working. So after force quitting Parallels, the button to reboot my VM should be on the dialog I see after relaunching Parallels and before I click the button to resume operation of my VM.
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    can I second this proposal!
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    Please feel free to use Stop or Reset items from the "Actions" menu in this case.

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