Can I / How do I create an icon on my Mac desktop that starts up Turbo Tax in Parallels / Windows?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by PerryS5, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. PerryS5

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    General Disclaimer: I hate windows. I use it only for a week or two each year to do my corporate taxes so I'm an utter buffoon with windows.
    This may not be possible but I'd like to put an icon on my Mac desktop where if I double click it, Parallels starts, then Windows, and then Turbo Tax. Is that possible?
    I generally stop everything each day -- I quit Turbo Tax, shutdown windows, and quit Parallels. I realize I don't have to do this but it seems the safest and least complicated way to do things.
  2. Hemshikha Seetul

    Hemshikha Seetul Parallels Support

    Hey there,
    To open Windows programs directly from your Mac, you can choose to add a folder to the Dock containing all your Windows programs for easy access.
    Do one of the following:
    1. Click the Parallels icon [​IMG] in the menu bar and choose Configure.
    2. If the Parallels Desktop menu bar is visible at the top of the screen, choose Actions > Configure.
    - Click Options and click Applications.
    - Select Share Windows applications with Mac and select Show Windows applications folder in Dock.
    Your Application (Turbo Tax) will be available in the Windows Applications Folder.

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