Can I run an Admin & Std user Accts w/ 1 Win7 license via Parallels (Mac OS X 10.6)?s

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by fendertweed, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. fendertweed

    fendertweed Bit poster

    I'm running Win7 via Parallels on a new iMac.

    My problem is that I want to create a Standard User account in Windows to do my work in, in addition to the Admin account that was set up when I installed Parallels & Win7. I have 3-4 "must have" apps that require Windows.

    Unfortunately, now when I go to work in the Standard User acct. in Win7 via Parallels, it wants my Win7 license key and won't accept the one I used to set up Win7 (w/ the Admin Acct).

    So ... Q: Can I run 2 user accounts (Admin & Standard) with one Win7 License Key under Parallels, or does Windows think that the Admin. account and the Standard account are 2 separate virtual machines, so it wants 2 distinct license Keys?

    This doesn't seem to make any sense to me, if so.

    Is there a way to run my Admin & Std. accounts in Win7/Parallels with my original Win7 License Key?


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