Can I run one Parallels Desktop login for Mac on 2 separate MacOS devices?

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    I have a Macbook Pro that is my primary device I use to run Parallels. I just bought a Mac Mini and would like to use the same Parallels login, using the same library, etc. When I opened a ticket with support in September this is what they told me:

    1) First, You will need to locate the virtual .PVM bundle on the current Mac.
    a. Make sure the VM is shut down (click Action at the top Mac menu and select Shut down)
    b. Right-click the Parallels Desktop icon from the Mac Menu Bar > Control Center.
    c. Right-click on the virtual machine > Click "Show in Finder."
    Note: By default, virtual machine files are saved either to the Parallels folder inside your user folder or at /Users/Shared/Parallels. Another possible location is the Parallels folder inside the Documents folder.​

    Parallels Desktop virtual machines have a .pvm extension
    2) Move the .pvm file to an external Hard Disk
    3) Connect the External Hard disk to the Mac that you want to use.
    4) Double-click on the PVM bundle from the external Hard drive to start the virtual machine on the other Mac.​

    1. The Parallels Desktop must be installed and activated on both Macs.
    2. The External Hard disk must remain connected during the usage of Windows.​

    Does anyone know if there a way to do this where I could use a cloud-based storage service (iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) vs. using an external hard drive? I've tried multiple times getting ahold of Parallels support to ask this follow-up question, but I've yet to receive a response.
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    Did you ever get an answer? I am wanting to do the same
  3. DavidH112

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    Unfortunately, I did not.

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