Can I use Parallels (10) on a desktop and laptop I own?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Darren_Coleman, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Darren_Coleman

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    Like a lot of people I have both a desktop (iMac) and laptop (MacBook Pro) that I need to be able to use Parallels on. I'm currently using PD8, but am aware that I ought to upgrade to PD10 for Yosemite - which was released today.

    Pretty much every piece of software I have lets me install on two computers that I own. Even Adobe's Creative Cloud makes this concession.

    Is it seriously the case that Parallels does not let you use/licence/activate PD on more than one computer? I won't be using both at the same time, and I own both pieces of hardware.

    Considering the cost of the upgrade - which is not trivial - I'd like to know the answer to this before I throw money down the drain.
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  2. Bui_Baldvinsson

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    How is the Parallels working with the Yosemite?
    Is it still slow as the Beta version ?
    Or has that been resolved...
  3. Eugene@Parallels

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  4. Darren_Coleman

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    Ok thanks. That's pretty disappointing to be honest. :(

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