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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by DVTSVito, Feb 15, 2010.

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    I have tested 3 scanners with 2x on windows 7 32bit and 64 bit.
    None are working. Problems range from pulling up the device scan window and doing a scan, but not sending to the remote app and just pulling up the device scan window and that is it.
    Also, if the scan fails, it will freeze the remote app completely. I have to end the session to get back in.

    Out side of 2X, the scanners are working fine. They also work on windows XP with 2X with out a problem.

    Is windows 7 Supported? (32/64bit) If so, do I need to make any special adjustments?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. grancu

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    Windows 7 32bit works fine.

    can I ask what devices have you tested please?
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  4. DVTSVito

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    thanks for the reply,
    I will try the new client later tonight.

    As for 64bit:
    This line from the help states you do have a 64bit driver.
    "The 2X Universal Scanning driver comes in 32 and 64 bit format. Please note that at the moment only 32-bit applications are supported."

    When i read this, i take it as 32bit Applications, not 32bit Operating systems.

    If you mean operating systems: when do you think 64bit support will be out? Many new computers are getting 64bit only.

    Thanks again for your help.
  5. DVTSVito

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    Just tried the new client and got an error. I tried on win xp first to make sure it was working.
    I updated the client only. Do i need to do the server for the client test?

    Note that i opened 1 copy of InfanView but in the screen shot, you see two Infranview windows in the task bar. The second window opens sometime during the scan process.
    The session then locks.
  6. Hi DVTSVito,
    please check that file 2XClientScan.exe exists in %Program Files%\2X\Client\ folder.
    If not (error code states it) please start client installation again and choose "repair"
    option. After that file should be there and scanning should be ok.
  7. Let me explain current state about this 32/64 bit issue.
    At the moment is:

    On the server side 2X Universal Scanner always installed as 32 bit TWAIN, independent from OS type, even for 64 bit OS. As the result native 64 bit applications on 64bit Windows just even will not list it as available device and scanning will not be possible. Meantime 32 bit scanning applications on 64 bit Windows will do scan correctly.

    On the client side it is also trying to scan only using 32 bit TWAIN scanner, always, even for 64 bit OS. In case when on 64 bit OS 32bit version of scanner drivers not available - scanning also does not work because 2X Universal Scanner currently can access only 32 bit scanners. But if 32 bit version of scanner driver available - scanning should be ok.

    So in general 64 bit OS supported by 2X Universal Scanner, BUT using compatibility layer for 32 bits.

    Real native support for 64 bit platform (both 64 bit scanning applications on the server, and 64 bit scanner drivers on the client) currently in development stage and will be available soon.
  8. DVTSVito

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    The file was not there, so i did a reinstall and it recopied the exe.

    From my first test
    1) I can now scan from my win 7 32bit computer. :)
    2) for the heck of it, i did install the beta on my 64 bit pc seemed to work. (but had the same problem below)
    3) i have problems scanning multiple pages at a time. (like 20 duplex pages) the scan process would freeze at different times. Some Time's it would be after a few pages...others after many. Outside of 2x, the scanner handled this with out a problem. I was testing with the same apps locally and from the TS session. With different apps, not just one.

    When the scanning locks up, it will hang my TS session which cause a problem. I have to go Kill tasks and anything else i was working on is lost. (other apps)
    This also is the same problem when i had a paper jam. the scan locked and i never got my TS session back. this happened on all platforms BTW.
    5) The Scanner select box is still hidden behind other applications and it is pain going to search for it. (does this on multiple platforms)

    FYI, this beta seems to take a good bit longer to start get the scanner selection window up.

    Thanks for looking into this!
    It is appreciated!!
  9. creator

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    thanks for sharing... could be very usefull...
  10. Suezew

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    I'm really frustrated. I got a new computer with Window's 7 64 bit. I've tried installing my scanner that I used with Window's XP. I can't get the software to load. I get an error message telling me it's the wrong verson. Is there any way around this? I really need my scanner. Below I saw two web sites to downlowad software, but I don't know what I need. I contacted UMAX and they told me to download the Window's XP compatibility mode for the work around. I did this, but it still gives me the error and won't load the software. I tried contacting them again, but haven't heard from them since. My Windows 7 recognizes there is USB equipment connected, it just dosen't know what the equipment is in Divice Manager. I've spent so much time on this already.

    These are the downloads I saw. Will either of them help me? If not, do you have any suggestions?

    2X ASLB/VDS 8.0.824 has been uploaded to and ... taversion/

    Desparate!! :cry: :cry:

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