Can Parallels 10 Desktop run on BigSur 11.6.4?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by DonLeckie, Apr 6, 2022.

  1. DonLeckie

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    I'm unable to install Parallels 10 Desktop on my 2020 iMac running BigSur 11.6.4. Problem ID 15380. I tried everything in article Mac user IDs are okay (none are 0).

    Years ago I ran Parallels 10 on my Mac Pro. Haven't run Parallels 10 since then. I want to install Parallels 10 on my iMac so I can buy an upgrade to Parallels 17.

    When run the Parallels 10 install pkg on disk image ParallelsDesktop-10.0.1-27695.dmg, I get Problem ID 15380. But the install says it found an existing Parallels Desktop on my iMac -- that's weird!
    Is there an uninstall tool I can run to be sure there no extraneous files? I used a 3rd party utility to search for Parallels files, but it found none.

    Any suggestions how to proceed?

  2. DebasmitaM@Parallels

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    Hello, Parallels Desktop 10 is not compatible with Mac OS BigSur 11.6.4. Please refer to this article KB to know more.

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