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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by CameronA, Mar 11, 2013.

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    I've installed Windows 8 on my Bootcamp partition and it is activated there but when I try to activate on Parallels, it tells me the activation server has reported that the product key has exceeded its product limit. It only gives me the options of purchasing a new key or entering a new key. I have tried entering the same key in again but it gives me that same message. Please help.
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    Windows sees a significantly different machine when you boot it in Parallels or as Boot Camp. Depending on who you speak to at Microsoft you either get told it's OK to use the same license on Boot Camp and Parallels (because you are the same user, the two machines can't both be run at the same time, etc.) or you will be told that you need a separate license for Parallels and for Boot Camp.

    Typically if you have not already done so the phone option to register will work even if you are already registered over the Internet. You can in this case use the same license twice.

    Ensure everything is working prior to registering, if you need to do it a third time the only way to register is to call customer support and deal with a live person. If so hope that you get someone helpful/flexible and not someone who feels you are trying to steal from Microsoft. When you call they save the result of the call so if the first person says "you need a new license" that is what you will hear on subsequent calls.

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