Cannot Configure macOS Monterey VM on Apple Silicon - Parallels V17

Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by KevinB7, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. KeithP4

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    Just to update this thread... I installed 18 on an M1 Ultra the day that it came out and still have the same issues. I cannot resolve networking issues, cut, copy, paste into the VM. Drag files into the VM, auto mount a local folder to get files into the VM or set any other configuration for Disk Size, CPU count or Memory. Since this is for work I can connect 1 File Server but not others and somebody was kind enough to give me a folder for file transfers. Which take forever. 45 minutes to transfer out and back. This should be close to immediate since the files are local. In short the Mac VM while snappy locally is next to useless since I can't work reasonably with it. Is there any ETA on this being fixed? Oh if this was for home I wouldn't have a work around. No file servers @ home.
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    As I have noted, IMHO Parallels on M1 is not fit for purpose. Those with apps running on W11 Arm or Arm versions of linux find it quite adequate. For my use case, not so much. Having almost no functionality on the macOS side is both disappointing and annoying. I re-read the Parallels announcement and advertising material WRT the V18 release (specifically for macOS VMs) particularly with use on M1/Silicon and at best it's fanciful and at worst just complete BS. Whilst it probably does not directly tell porkies, it certainly obfuscates what can actually be done and what functionality is/isn't available (IMHO, YMMV etc etc etc).
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    I have discovered also that the Startup and Shutdown options don't work correctly either: I've been informed by Parallels Support that these options are not supported despite them appearing new configuration options. If you set Startup on Mac Startup prlctl list will show the virtual machine but somehow the virtual machine does not work and is completely inaccessible.

    I'm guessing that Apple will kill the virtual machines a few host updates down the line in any case so this stuff is probably never going to be particularly useful.
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    This is why I don't see a reason to upgrade to Parallels 18. I was pretty disappointed to find out they haven't improved macOS guest OS support on M1.
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    Can't believe that I found a solution 'never'.
    So I bought a 'Beta' Software huh?
    If someone knows the law thing for this product and possible to claim a refund,
    please make a thread for this.
    God Can't Believe Still..
  7. JeffP17


    Thanks for this reference - it's a bit bizarre that having a config.ini on my M1 user desktop is somehow being used by the macOS Ventura Parallels VM, but hey, it works. (I really need to update the screen dimensions and couldn't find any options for this till I came across your post with the link.) (The KB doc references a config.ini in the '.macvm' file, which doesn't exist on a brand new macOS 13 VM ... using my real ~/Desktop/config.ini worked)


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