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    Dear reader,

    I have been trying to configure the SCCM Proxy for 2 straight days now and no matter my efforts, I can't seem to succesfully install this component. All pre-requisites have been met and more. I have (for troubleshooting) given the domain account used to install and run the service an overkill of rights on just about anything (SQL, AD, SCCM, Schema. servers etc). All checks are green in the Configuration Wizard but it always quits with the same error.

    "Unable to import hardware inventory classes" followed by "Failed to commit Configuration Manager Proxy Settings Please check Configuration Manager Proxy settings and try again"

    I have found a previous KB article regarding this but the solution there (assign rights on the SQL server) have not been helpful, the used account is even a full SA with ALL rights on the SQL for instance, but still the error remains. Also installing with domain admin results in the same error.

    I have already issued a support ticket, but thought I'd give this a try too also to make it easier for future admins to find a solution. I can't seem to be able to include my .txt file with the latest setuplogs, will try to include this later. (nevermind, it came through 3 times I see, my bad)

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    I had trouble getting my proxy to configure after meeting all prerequisite checks. My issue was due to a previous failed installation/old instance of PMM being left behind. I found the old PMM_<SiteCode>.mdf file and the PMM_<SiteCode>_log.ldf files on the primary site database server and deleted them. Installation created new ones and was successful after that. So just make sure you don't have any old mdf,ndf,ldf files out there or it may not work.

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