Cannot extend the virtual volume.

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    My virtual disk is running out of space

    This has been re-compiled below with the missing screenshots...
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  2. Shathish@Parallels

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    Hello @geoffhlbuzz Parallels Support Here! How much space did increased in the VM Configuration? If you opened the Disk Management how much partition it's showing? Did you get any partition called Unallocated or Healthy partition? Please make sure that you have followed the steps in this article Please keep us posted. Thanks, Shathish
  3. geoffhlbuzz

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    I increased from original 100GB to 150GB and later to 180Gb. Yes I did have both a Healthy Partition and an Unallocated Partitition.
    Perhaps erroneously I was expecting to see this increase in the image of General - Total Size.
    Perhaps I have this wrong and this General - Total Size is showing what has actually been used so far - with the balance available (shown under Hardware - Hard Disk Capacity), available as and when required, because the disk is Expandible. This would explain why the disk cannot be Extended (greyed out).
    If so the exercise of using the Diskpart (123372) to force a change was not necessary... An explanation of Expandible in this context would have helped.
    How do I add my screen dumps to this ...
    Disk Management now shows the drive partition at 180GB. File Explorer also shows 180GB. Hardware - Disk Capacity also shows about 180GB.
    General - Total Size shows detail of the 100GB being used (this was the original capacity allocated).
    (Apparently now 180-100 or 80GB available as Expandible disk as/when required???).
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    Hello @geoffhlbuzz Could you please share the screenshot of the virtual machine disk management.
  5. geoffhlbuzz

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    General - Total Size - no change before or after Diskpart.jpg
    Disk Management before using Diskpart.jpg
    Diskpart sequence screenshot.jpg

    File Explorer - changed AFTER Diskpart.jpg

    Disk Management after Diskpart.jpg

    And the General - Total Size view has not changed
    - it continues to show only the USAGE of the Virtual Disk - not its Total Size which is now at 185GB.
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    I would think this issue caused by existing snapshots.
    As on picture snapshots takes 974.4MB. And this snapshots contains data before disk was increased.
    So while gathering reclaimable data size on a disk, parallels incorrectly(but may be as intended) used virtual disk size from an older snapshot, not current state.
    You can try to delete snapshot and check total used size again...
  7. geoffhlbuzz

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    After completing the changes I did a Disk Clean.
    The Windows 10 would not reboot fully after this - it stuck on the user login page just before adding the fields to log in.
    It was restored using the Snapshot - good job it was recommended before using Diskpart.
    Subsequently the system has restarted several times - the Snapshot was removed - the Control Center no longer shows the Snapshot icon.
    After at least two complete shut downs of the computer - unplugged from the mains supply
    - when restarting Windows: the Windows 10 Configuration - General - still shows a Total Size of around 87G - with 4.7G reclaimable.
    I attach a relevant screenshot
    Current Configuration General.jpg

    However there is an issue with the hard disk - see below

    Potential Hard Disk Issue.jpg
    There are two unwanted Image files (2MB? Each expandible) as well as the wanted on 184GB Image file.
    The unwanted files could be causing a problem - how can they be removed?

    There are other unresolved problems ...
    For all of the past month I have been unable to load updates to Windows 10.
    The Windows 10 update apparently downloads - and this - and/or the following installation update - sometimes seems to crash the iMac - I lose WiFi connection with a spinning coloured ball - this has happened at least 6 times...
    I have yet to succeed with an update over the last month. To avoid repeated crashes of the system I inhibited Windows 10 updates.
    It has been surmised that the crashes and problems might be due to the apparent lack of available capacity on the Virtual drive - hence the current investigation.

    I do not dare to use my Windows applications - ProShow Producer and Pictures to Exe - these are both Audio Visual show creation programs which when compiling will create very large files - well beyond the limits I apparently have...
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