Cannot Increase Harddisk Size - So Called Existing Snapshots

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    Hello Support,

    Parallels 14.1.3
    I have a VM running Windows 10 which makes use of the local Mac's Hard Drive for disk 0 and uses an external Hard Drive for disk 1 (split into two logical disks).
    So Drive C (disk 0) is the Windows 10 operating system and Drives D and E (both Disk 1) hold data.

    I need to expand drives D and E.

    But every attempt to expand these drives is met with a failure and the message "Unable to edit the harddisk properties because it has one or more snapshots".
    The Snapshot Manager reports Zero snapshots.

    To fix this I followed the instructions in the article on webpage :
    It made no difference. Having attempted successfully the operations identified on its page twice, I am at a loss to know what to do.

    Please advise how to fix this problem.

    regards and thanks

    PS An Observation: I was directed to other pages on this issue but they all state "This article is outdated". Arriving at this page it would more useful if the page gave the address of the current page for fixing this issue.

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    I have the same issue. Want 100,75GB to 70 GB..
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    Me have same issue...anyone ever find a cure? My archive size is 40GB but the thing is adding 30GB of snapshots that don't exist.


    Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 3.23.08 PM.png

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