Cannot install Parallels Tools on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by The Belgain, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. asweintraub

    asweintraub Bit poster

    Not worth the upgrade

    I've been using Parallels since it was first officially released, and I have to say I'm very disappointed with the support. With version 2, it was advertised that Parallels "worked" with Linux, but there were no tools available until almost a year later when I upgraded to version 3 (not free). It seems that Parallels is always working on the next version of the product, without keeping the current, shipping version up-to-date. Features that are out right away with other virtualization solutions (such as real Linux support, support for Vista SP1 and XP SP3, support for the latest Xorg, etc.) take months before they appear in Parallels. Half the time, you have to pay to upgrade to get those features.

    I tried VirtualBox a few days ago, and it worked better than Parallels ever did with Linux. Not only could I install Ubuntu 8.04 without issue, but the VM worked much faster, tools installation was painless, and it actually shut off when I shut down the system! (Unlike Parallels, which just hangs on the shutdown screen.) On top of all this, it supports "seamless mode" (equivalent to coherence) in Linux, a feature that Parallels will probably never release. If they ever do come out with this feature, I'm sure you'll have to pay to upgrade.

    All I can say is that I'm sorry I ever invested in this program. If VirtualBox supported Boot Camp partitions and an easy way to migrate my VMs, I'd have switched already. Parallels was a great program when it first came out because we all assumed that they would fix the bugs and add necessary features. Unfortunately, Parallels thinks that forcing its users to upgrade to obtain bug fixes is a good business model. Why can't they at least be like VMWare and give major upgrades for free?
  2. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    VmWare doesn't provide upgrades for free for VmWare Workstation, it provides free upgrade for Fusion only to push Parallels, I think subsequent updates will not be free
    Our model is not to make money on bug fixing, but we provide core updates,
    Also Parallels always provides deep discounts between versions during new release in range $ 20-30
    Our product is more stable and therefore updates are going not so often.
    We decided to make every update to work solid after 5600, and therefore we have some delay now
  3. shavital

    shavital Member

    Support for Ubuntu (and/or Kubuntu) 8.04

    I am running build 5608 where Windows XP Pro SP3 runs fine.

    Not so with Ubuntu 8.04 where build 5608 still does not allow to install Parallels Tools, due a xorg version not supported by Parallels.

    I am still waiting for the promised solution: a Parallels build that will fully support Ubuntu 8.04 (and subsequent distros, hopefully), including Coherence, as it supports Windows XP Pro SP3.

    I hope...
  4. Simon Wardley

    Simon Wardley Bit poster

    Parallels and Ubuntu

    Just installed build 5608 and ubuntu 8.04 and low and behold the really useful tools don't work because it can't recognise xorg.

    Naturally I found this forum afterwards and thought why oh why didn't I just use another VM?

    So when are the tools going to work with ubuntu?
  5. benburch

    benburch Junior Member

    Upgrade fee?

    I fail to see why I should pay an upgrade to get a feature that has not worked since I bought the product specifically for that feature?

    I think you folks shouldn't charge until AFTER you release a version in which Linux is fully and properly supported. I can change to VMWare, and I can tell all of my clients to buy VMWare instead of Parallels if you are going to charge them again for something advertised to work when they bought the product in the first place.
  6. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    Decision to switch is up to you only.
    Parallels Tools for PD 3 are in progress now, and they will be in version 3, the main problem here is only time
  7. shieldo

    shieldo Bit poster

    I may, too, make the decision to switch. Seems awfully strange that the most recent version of the most popular Linux distribution, which has been out since April, is still not properly supported.

    The current version of Parallels Desktop for Mac is version 3. Do you mean to say they will be in version 4? Will we have to pay for this upgrade? If so, I'm almost certainly switching instead.
  8. asweintraub

    asweintraub Bit poster

    Even if VMWare doesn't provide free upgrades for the Workstation (Windows/Linux) version, they still provide free upgrades to Fusion whereas Parallels charges for upgrades to all products. Further, comparing VMWare Workstation to Fusion is invalid. Whereas Parallels and VMWare Workstation are targeted mainly at hobbyists and professionals, Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion target the average consumer as well (since many Mac users want to run Windows). It makes sense that VMWare would want to give free upgrades for a product aimed at consumers, especially while key features are still being added.

    Parallels, on the other hand, thinks that every "feature" warrants an addtional upgrade cost. I use the term "feature" loosely since I had to pay to upgrade to version 3 just to get Parallels tools on Linux, even though they advertised Linux support on version 2 when I originally purchased it. Granted, Parallels Desktop 2 did support Linux, but there weren't any tools such as clipboard or mouse synchronization!

    I applaud that Parallels is giving us a free update to get tools for Ubuntu 8.04 working. I'm just more than slightly disappointed that it's taken them over 7 months (and counting) to do so. This thread started in January when 8.04 was in Beta and Xenos said they would work on getting the tools working on the next build after Hardy Heron was officially released. If we're lucky, support for 8.04 will come out only slightly after the next version of Ubuntu (due at the end of October) is released.

    I used to like Parallels as a product, but the lack of decent support has ruined it. I'm sick of waiting. Parallels should have been tested with the prereleases of Vista SP1 and XP SP3 so that they would be supported as soon as they were released--not two months later. The same goes with Linux. Ubuntu 8.04 was in beta for months (with the exact same issue we're still seeing with the final version). Why wasn't the development team working on it then?

    I bet they were working on it--for Parallels Desktop version 4. Only after 8.04 was officially released and users started complaining even more did someone decide to backport the code. This is completely backwards. Desktop 3 users needed this patch while the few/non-existent users of Desktop 4 (which isn't yet relased) didn't. Parallels cares more about making money (on version 4) than they do about their current customers.

    Finally, John's statement that Parallels is more stable than VMWare Fusion is completely false. Sure, Parallels has better Windows/Mac OS integration, but Ubuntu on Virtual Box feels like it runs twice as fast as it does on Parallels. Further, it crashes less and actually turns off when I shut down my VM. How that makes Parallels more stable is beyond me...
  9. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    Parallels Tools will be available for Linux in version 3 also, this is decision as I mentioned we have some problems
  10. Ainvar

    Ainvar Member

    I dont post much on the forums here but here is my take.

    I have paid for upgrades when it was needed and I have used parallels for quite sometime.

    I am also very disappointed in the way this company jerks us around.

    I am also very disappointed how it takes an act of some magical force for them to get linux tools working correctly for one of the most popular linux distros out there.

    I also understand why so many want to jump ship and switch to VMWare.

    Yes parallels runs windows great, sometime much better than VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox. But I am not just interested running Windows. If so I would be 100% happy. This is suppose to run any major OS without having to pull the I am going to switch card to get a rise out of a company that needs us to pay the bills.

    Word of mouth will tarnish this company faster than their lack of proper communications and support. I dont know what is going on internally with this company but they need to focus on keeping *ALL* of their customers happy.

    To me parallels seems to be very one dimensional as they try to race to get the biggest and bestest features in the whole wide world without getting their existing features stable and 100% compatiable across the board.

    Parallels when you came out on the scene and was the only one on the block you were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now that there are other competitors your true colors are starting to shine. Please quit giving us empty promises and deliver in a timely fashion what you promised us in features and usablity in linux like you did in Windows.

    Ubunutu 8.04 and 8.04.1 has been released and nothing truly works like it should.

    /me steps off of soapbox now.
  11. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    I am not agree with jerking,
    Yes, Developers do work on tools, but internal architecture of PD 3 is not easy to get kernel 2.6.24 and above to work with
  12. Ainvar

    Ainvar Member

    I got ubuntu 8.04.1 working with no issues in vmware fusion and virtualbox.

    the converting from parallels to fusion works great also as stated in a previous post on this thread.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
  13. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    We are aware about this
  14. Wolf

    Wolf Bit poster

    Long time to go...

    - As a prgrammer I know how hard all this work can be.

    - Of course other VMs may work. But I like the seemless work with Parallels Desktop. So I will wait until the work is finished.

    To make it clear: I *do not* like the waiting for it, but if I want a good working product. I surely do not want to be a beta-tester <like with the "Blue-Screen-OS"! ;-) >

    On the other hand....I am very patient, but... ;-)

    So please, do what you can do... and maybe a bit more information how work is going on!?

  15. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    Parallels Tools on Parallels Server are ready, but internals are different for Parallels Desktop3 and PS and PD4, and there are some problems we are working
  16. gerhard2001

    gerhard2001 Bit poster

    Paralles Problems with Linux and more

    Hi to all using Parallels!

    I think, we should talk about some basic facts!

    Parallels should give you the possibility to work with different OS on your Mac.

    I think, most of the members of this forum are developers like me.

    I need Parallels for developing and testing on my Mac.

    I payed for Parallels and the update 5608 too.

    First trouble I had, was that the basic Version of my Parallels 3.0 was in German and I downloaded and payed for the upgrade, that was in English (I didn't knew that I have to care about the Language. Mac and Linux are international!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    Than my upgrade failed and I it was impossible after that to activate my old Parallels.

    That caused a damage (time and money!!).

    Now I have the right update (German version) and I have the same problems like the other users in this forum.

    I'm really disappointed!

    I don't think, that's a professional way!

    I'm also thinking about changing to VirtualBox!

    M$Windows works fine with Parallels, but not Linux!

    If Parallels says that its Program serves for all OS (or at least for Linux) it has to do it, otherwise I think it is a deceit.

    I am Customer and so I have rights!

    Sometimes I think that Parallels is following the bad manners of Microsoft!

    Like the other commented, if Parallels will go this way they will loose a lot of customers.

    @ John@Parallels

    I know, that you have the bad job to calm angry customers and that Parallels does not function well is not your fault!

    But every employee in your company is indirectly in competition with free software like VirtualBox.

    And the way, how Parallels treats his customers is the best way to loose your jobs.

    Pardon for this very direct words!

    A customer of Parallels!
  17. jimcoyle

    jimcoyle Hunter

    If you are aware of this, then why is Parallels having such problems delivering what was promised many weeks ago? You've yet to justify this in any meaningful way.
  18. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Forum Maven

    Believe me, everyday I refer management specially to this post ....
  19. Ainvar

    Ainvar Member

    Why is it so hard for management to listen? Do we need to speak a diffrent language other than english for them to understand? I can speak with $$$ when I do not pay for an upgrade and tell my company to go ahead with VMWare for their next round of purchasing.

    I do not like to be jerked around (no offense to you John@Parallels) and since management thinks that it is ok to do this, then I see they do not respect any us in this matter.

    I know programming of this nature is very difficult and issues will always pop up, but hey set realistic expectations. Or come out with some information that will not demise your company cause you just showed your wickness. But hey dont be evasive and act like we can not think for ourselves to read between the lines.

    I like parallels as a product for running windows. You have some nice features and innovations that VMWare nor Virtualbox has. But bright and shiny is not what I am always looking for. I like to run linux, I do not always want to dual boot. I dont feel I need to have more than once virtual software installed on my computer to do my job or my hobby. Unless I am a tester and need to make sure my application runs well in any virtual setting or hey I just want to say I can do it cause it is cool to have it running off of three diffrent virtual solutions.

    My point on this is, I paid to be able to run Windows and Linux in this product with seamless integration where needed and to have some type of supported drivers for the OS. I feel that you have failed in keeping up with that as Linux distributions have evolved. As they evolve so should your software without incurring yet another fee to make something work like it should.

    Again this is my opinion and I have been quiet on these boards since I was always able to find a solution to many issues by searching and not posting.

    But get V3 working all the way before you worry about V4 to make money off us. Make us happy, dont try to blind us with bright and shiny all over again. You got us with that from V2 to V3.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
  20. deviantintegral

    deviantintegral Junior Member

    I'd just like to note that it's now been over three months since the stable release of 8.04. Considering most use Workstation for desktop use, at this rate 8.10 will be out just as we get support for 8.04. While I really like Parallels, and paid for it gladly, I'm seriously considering the use of Virtualbox in the future as the guest tools are released under the GPL, so distros can include it themselves. If Parallels can't maintain the guest additions for Linux in a reasonable manner, they should release the code under the GPL so others can.

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