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Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by ZAndreZ, Feb 22, 2023.

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    Sorry for posting this, there are many topics about this one. But I cant find my answer in the other topics.
    I'm running parallels 18.2.0 on a Mac M1. Just installed Ubuntu with GUI. I also installed parallel tools successfully.
    Paste between Mac works perfectly when logged in (see screenshot #1).
    Paste a password in the login screen doesn't work (see screenshot #2). But with complex passwords managed with a password manager, it would be nice to use paste action in the password field.
    How can I enable pasting in the password field? Share Mac clipboard is enabled (see screenshot #3)

    Thanks ahead

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  2. Pramesh Boodadoo

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    Please note that it is not possible to copy and paste on the GUI login screen of the Ubuntu virtual machine, since Parallels Tools start to work after Ubuntu virtual machine is started (logged into), which is responsible for the copy and paste feature on Parallels Desktop side.
    Moreover, this is a normal behaviour on an Ubuntu OS installed on a physical machine as well.
    Parallels Tools is a set of drivers for the guest OS that is installed in your VM. It helps you use your virtual environments in the most comfortable and efficient way.
    Kindly refer to this article for more information regarding Parallels Tools and its function:

  3. ZAndreZ

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    I was already afraid of such an answer. Nothing to do about it.

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