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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MatthewC27, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. MatthewC27

    MatthewC27 Bit Poster

    I just want to start by saying, your "Support" has to be one of the worst I have ever experienced, with no straight forward way of getting any help, even though when purchasing a product you're promised all this "24/7 support". Honestly, it's rather disgusting, I have spent way too long trying to just find out how to start resolving my issue!

    My issue is that I am trying to move my licence to a new Mac, but when I try it says my licence is under a different account, but I only have 1 account, and when I check to see the email address it belongs to it is definitely not mine and clearly looks fake. So, I followed your "support" which says:
    "If you do not know the account the key is registered under, please contact Parallels Support and include the activation key in question and an invoice copy for the purchase of this key to your request."
    So I clicked on 'Parallels Support' - but guess what! It just takes you back to the beginning of the support page and you're just stuck in a big loop with no way of me even being able to provide your support team with my licence key and invoice.

    I would really appreciate if someone could get back to me ASAP, as this is honestly atrocious.
  2. GampaA@Parallels

    GampaA@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello @MatthewC27, please provide the email address, purchase reference and the email address you which you want to transfer the License key. Thanks, Parallels Team.
  3. DebasmitaM@Parallels

    DebasmitaM@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello @MatthewC27 , we have deleted the public post including your email address and purchased reference number due to security purpose. We have send a private message please check and response. Thanks, parallels Team.

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