Cannot resize HDD

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by kevinw, May 16, 2010.

  1. kevinw

    kevinw Hunter

    I am trying to re size my HDD (it's at 32 GB and I have only 2GB left). Except the menu to do this is grayed out.

    I read up and it said that this happens if
    1. There are any snapshots (which I don't have any) or
    2. If this is a Bootcamp disk (which it is not)

    ANy ideas on why it's grayed out and how to expand my HDD

    Running PDT 5.0.9344 and Windows 7
  2. KenR

    KenR Bit poster

    Any resolution to this issue? I am having the exact issue.

    Thank you.
  3. rgrcpajr

    rgrcpajr Junior Member

    Me, too.

    I have same problem. Why are we being ignored?
  4. kenilm

    kenilm Bit poster

    I attempted to use the ntfsresize command but I got an error:

    ERROR: Volume is scheduled for check.
    Run chkdsk /f and please try again, or see option -f.

    This is because I ran chkdsk in Vista Safe Mode with Command Prompt and it couldn't do it because it was in use but offered to do it at the next reboot. I reboot and I get to the menu to the menu to choose whether to Start Windows Normally, Safe Mode, etc instead of checking the disk. Is there any way I can unschedule?

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