Cannot run VS2015 Debug exe after migrating Windows 10 Guest to new Mac

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by EricT15, Apr 12, 2022.

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    For a couple years, I had been running Visual Studio 2015 on a Windows 10 Pro host within Parallels 15.

    On the old and new machine, I have had my Mac's home folder shared to the Windows Guest and mapped to the same drive letter, Z. All of my various projects/solutions worked on the old install.

    Recently, I got a new Macbook Pro and set up Parallels 15 on that new machine. Then I followed the transfer via

    On the new MBP, I open the VS2015 project/solution via the open dialog and step my way into the project folder. It loads fine, I can save when just editing and building. However, when trying to run the program (with or without debugging enabled) within VS2015 or even going to the location in a separate window, I get "Access is denied".

    Given the ecosystem in which I'm developing, I can't just change the project's OutputPath option to build to %TEMP%, etc.

    After this failure was noticed, I then upgraded to Parallels 17, thinking something changed within Parallels. The failure persists.

    Given that I migrated the guest, I'm at a loss for what would be different between the two configurations.

    Has anyone encountered this?
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    Additional info

    An ASP.NET webstack project runs fine in debug on this same Z: drive mounted from Mac.

    Perhaps some console/Powershell settings I need for the first system?

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