Can't access shared (Mac) folders from Windows command-line

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by crunchy2, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. crunchy2


    I can access my shared Mac volumes from the Windows explorer, but if I try to access it from the Windows command-line it doesn't work, at least not entirely. Parallels seems to share the Mac folders such that they appear in Windows as on the network. I tried to, then, use "Map Network Drive", mapping my folder in question to drive E:. I can access it via Windows Explorer, and at the command line I can use commands like "dir", but trying to "cd" to the drive doesn't work. I.e. this DOES work:

    dir e:\Shared

    I get the listing of the "Shared" Mac folder, but the following command doesn't result in anything happening, I end up remaining in the same directory I was before:

    cd e:\Shared

    Batch scripts don't seem to work with it either. Indeed that is how I encountered this problem. I'm using some command-line development tools and I want to be able to do my editing with BBEdit on my Mac, while compiling in Windows. I can't get this to work because the Mac volume can't be fully accessed at the command-line.

    I've also tried just using the path shown in the properties for the shared folder (without mapping) which is \\.PSF\Shared and again this works with "dir" but not with "cd". In the latter case it reports the error,:

    '\\.PSF\Shared' is an invalid current directory path. UNC paths are not supported.

    Is it not possible to do this with Parallels, or is there some way around this issue? Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  2. palter


    This is not a Parallels problem; it's a Windows "feature".

    The cd command doesn't switch volumes unless give it the /d option. I.e., you need to say

    cd /d e:\Shared​
    You can also switch volumes by simply entering the command line

  3. crunchy2


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Actually I still don't have those development tools working, but at least now I know what one of the problems was. This was super helpful. Thanks!

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