Can't access Windows shares on LAN from Windows in Parallels VM

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by RadioPhil, Oct 29, 2013.

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    I have a new Oct 2013 version Macbook Pro with Parallels 9 installed (trial) and Windows 8.1 installed in its VM.

    A Windows 8.1 PC on my home LAN has some shared folders. I can see and access them on the Mac, but I can't see them on the Windows VM in Parallels 9 on the same Mac. The only thing that shows up under Network in Windows is the Mac itself, and something called psf.

    (I'm not talking about sharing between the Mac, and the Windows VM on the Mac; I'm talking about sharing between the Windows VM on the Mac and another Windows PC. It seems the Parallels manual only discusses the former.)

    I have left all the networking defaults set in Parallels. The Windows VM can access the Internet.

    Please help me with any troubleshooting ideas you may have. Thanks.
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    [Replying to myself]

    I'm trialing VMware Fusion 6 also, with its own Windows 8.1 VM. Most notable about VMware 6 and Parallels 9 is that these two applications are so very similar to each other. The VMware Windows VM had the same networking problem, so it occurred to me that I might search the VMware site for an answer.

    I found it right away, at, which says
    Here's a way to think about the network choices:
    Mode: Nickname
    Bridged: Home-office mode
    NAT: Starbucks mode
    Host-only: Airplane mode

    The descriptions of these modes in the Parallels user guide gave me no hint that I needed to enable Bridged mode. It said that with the default "Shared Networking" mode "Windows programs can access other computers on your local network..." and said that Bridged mode "is more complex and you may need to contact your system administrator to set it up properly." It's a good thing I had the VMware website to set me straight. I changed Parallels to Bridged mode, and everything started working immediately. (No system administrator needed, which is a good thing because I am the system administrator. :/ )
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    Thank you!!!

    I was having the same issue and was unable to see my DLNA server or other devices from Windows. Your post helped me resolve it :) Not sure why Parallels defaults to the crippled 'Shared Network' option.

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