Can't change E-Mailadress on account/locked out of the account

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by PhilipC10, Dec 16, 2021.

  1. PhilipC10

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    I bought a Parallels Desktop 17 license on Monday.
    The second I hit the "activate" button I realized I had a typo in the E-Mailaddress of my account. Obviosly I wanted to correct the Mailaddress in the Account-Settings... problem here is, for that I need to verify my log in by clicking the link I should receive via E-Mail. But with an incorrect E-Mailaddress I don't get any mails to verify something.
    I also can't write e-mail support because for that I need to be logged in to. I created a new account (the one I am writing this thread with) to contact support but I have no active license on this new account and so I have no option for e-mail support.
    I tried to contact Twitter support but they didn't responded to my request to correct the mailaddress.
    I really hope Parallels staff will see this thread and can contact me and help me (I don´t want to write my real e-mailaddress publicly in this forum if not necessary, so if there is an private message option or staff can see my mailaddress on this account and contact me, would be amazing. If both options aren´t available I will write the addresses here too). It would just be nice if 85€ wouldn't just go to waste because of a simple mistake.
    Thank you very much!
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    Hi, we have sent a private message, please check and response.

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