Can't change the screen resolution in Chrome OS

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by LeeviL, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. LeeviL

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    I installed a Chrome OS in PD9. Everything goes well except that I can't change the screen resolution, even the correct resolution has been recognized by Chrome OS and marked as "Best". It looks that it's fixed to 1024x768 by some reason. Could anybody share some experience about it? Cheers.
  2. Looran@Parallels

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    Hi LeeviL,

    Please try to follow the steps mentioned below to change resolution on Chrome Virtual Machine:

    1. Start Chrome OS
    2. Login with credentials.
    3. Press ALT-CTRL-Fn-F2 to enter command mode.
    4. Login into Root User.

    User Name : Chronos
    Password: By default root user password is empty.

    5. Now you would have logged into root user.
    6. Now type the following Commands

    sudo mount -o remount /
    sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    7. Set your required Screen resolution in "Modes "----x----" ".
    8. Save changes to xorg.conf
    9. Exit terminal mode: exit
    10. Restart Chrome OS.
    11. Now you will be able to view Chrome OS in your desired screen resolution.
  3. Nathan_T

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    Hi Looran,

    I'm having trouble with this bit. I installed a fresh copy of ChromeOS (As the update to my old Chromium killed it dead) and have the same 1024x768 issue as desc[nothingribed.

    Getting to bash is no trouble, but su, sudo or login all give me the same error: Incorrect password.

    With both Chronos and Root as the username, I have tried:
    1. [no password]
    2. chronos / Chronos
    3. My login's Google password

    No combination works. Are you sure the default password hasn't been changed on the Parallels Chronos image? I am using:
    Version 32.0.1700.70 (242209)
    Platform 4920.72.2014_01_23_1448 (Parallels Build) developer-build x86-generic
    Firmware 9.0.24217.979618
  4. LeeviL

    LeeviL Bit poster

    Hi Nathan,

    I'm in the exactly same trouble with you. I have googled some results about chronos/chronos. But it does not work anymore :-(
  5. LeeviL

    LeeviL Bit poster

    Hi Looran,

    Many thanks for you reply. But as Nathan said, we can't pass the 4th step by using blank password or chronos.

    Should we switch to developer mode before we can login as chronos?
    What should we do to enter the developer mode since there is not a physical "Power" button?

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  6. theblueprinted

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    Hi guys, I made an account specifically to reply to this thread because this drove me absolutely insane. The password for build 32.0.1700.70 is 'parallels' without the quotes. I came across this by sheer dumb luck. No one on any forum or any page has mentioned this password yet. At least not to my knowledge. Hope this helps someone. Cheers
  7. LeeviL

    LeeviL Bit poster

    Cool. It works perfectly :) Thank you so much!
  8. MuneeshK

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    Still can't change the resolution of Chromium OS

    Hi Guys,

    I have tried all the steps mentioned in this thread.
    I am able to login and enter config file.

    But I am not able to add my desired resolution in Modes section.
    None of the keys on my keyboard work to change to desired resolution in Modes.

    Only the cursor mover ahead and back but No changes are made.
    Can you please help on that.



  9. bobbyt

    bobbyt Hunter

    I'm trying to do this however I'm getting stuck on:

    7. Set your required Screen resolution in "Modes "----x----" ".

    The problem is, when I move the cursor to the location of "Modes", I can't seem to type anything...

    If I hit random keys on the keyboard it seem to eventually start letting me type, but I can't really control the text. For example, if I hit a bunch of random characters before the "1024x768" the first several keys seem to be fully ignored, but eventually I end up with something like:

    "saafdasdfasd1024x768" "...

    If I then move the cursor to the 1 to hit delete (to try & remove the extra text), nothing happens...

    It's behaving as if it's expecting some special combination of keys to make the change, as opposed to behaving like text file.
  10. AegisI

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    I ran over this by sheer blind luckiness. Nobody on any gathering or any page has said this secret word yet. At any rate not as far as anyone is concerned. Be that as it may, I am not ready to include my sought determination in Modes section.None of the keys on my console work to change to coveted determination in Modes.
  11. Bit poster

    This worked well for me but I had to install nano to edit the file with ease.

    Copy this gist:

    Then run:
    sudo vi
    Type ":i" and press return
    Paste the text from the gist in.
    Press return then backspace.
    Hold down the shift key and press "z" twice, this will save and exit vi.

    now "sudo chmod +x"
    and then finally "sudo ./" will install nano
    you should then be able to add your modes to the mode line with "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf"
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  12. ElB1

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    theblueprinted made an account just so they could give us the password, but I made one just because I laughed so hard at the confusion that vi caused.

    For future reference, the nano installation route works, but if you want the nerd points, using vi (or vim, if you prefer) isn't all that hard. Either way, it's entirely screen-oriented, meaning your mouse isn't going to work with it. This looks fun: Check it out.

    That said, for the sake of contributing something useful (and also because I'm totally procrastinating right now):

    I'm on a Mac host, so maybe that's why this was different for me, but I had to use ctrl+alt+tab+t to open a shell tab in the 'browser'. From there, had to type the command `shell`, and then I was logged in already.
    Alternatively, ctrl+alt+f2 got me to an actual terminal. Note: I have my function keys set so I don't have to actually press fn to use the, well, function. System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard tab > check the box for 'use as standard function keys' or whatever it says.

    As dude mentioned above, this might not be true. Try:
    • parallel
    • chrome
    • facepunch
    • chronos
    • chromium
    Might also wanna try `sudo mount -o remount,rw /` if you get errors trying to edit the xorg.conf file.

    `sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf` should also work.

    Now you're in vi (or vim).

    If there's already a line in the "Screen" section that starts with "Modes," use the arrow keys to move the curser to that line. Press shift+a. This puts you in edit/input mode at the end of the line. Use your cursor with arrow keys as necessary to navigate. Backspace/Delete should work in this mode.

    If there isn't a "Modes" line in your file, move your curser to the "EndSection" line at the end of the "Screen" section, and hit shift+o. This will add a new line above that line and drop you into edit mode. Use your cursor with arrow keys as necessary to navigate. Backspace/Delete should work in this mode.

    Section "Screen" 
      Identifier	"DefaultScreen" 
      Monitor	"DefaultMonitor" 
      Device	"DefaultDevice" 
      Modes		"1920x1080"  << Move cursor with arrow keys to this line if it exists, and type "a
    As soon as you're done making your edits, HIT ESCAPE. Like 14 times. Srsly. Just do it.
    Now type:
    That's a colon, followed by a w (for 'write') and a q (for quit) and an exclamation point.
    It'll show up at the bottom, not where you left your cursor. Hit enter. You've now successfully edited and saved a file in vi (or vim). Congratulations.

    There ya go. Hope that helps someone. Otherwise I've now successfully wasted a good 20 minutes. Because I still can't figure out how to fix the resolution on my chrome os install on vbox.
  13. HaniM2

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    I want to change brightness in external screen it4s so brightttttttt
  14. Hi HaniM2. Brightness can be adjusted using the settings (physical buttons) provided in the external monitor itself. Hence, you can contact the manufacturer to check for the settings and change it.
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  15. HaniM2

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    Bro, i know how to do it! I have the screen to bright because i'm using desktop screen! I need to change resolution, not from tiny.. I need to list of all resolutions, like i need to change from 1920 1080 to 1400 900 to fix the brightness if you can help me with somes commands, add me on Telegram : @hani4k

    I want this : [​IMG]
  16. AJ@Parallels


    Hello HaniM2, Let us ensure that Parallels Tools are properly installed. Please follow to install Parallels Tools. If you see reinstall or update Parallels Tools then kindly reinstall it. kindly go to actions again, Actions--> Configure--> hardware--> Graphics and change to ' Scaled ' & ' best for retina ' viceversa and check with it.

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