Can't connect to external HD in 4560

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by babygodzilla, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. babygodzilla

    babygodzilla Junior Member

    as the title says, after upgrading to version 4560 i can no longer connect to my external hard drive.

    1) I turn on my external HD
    2) I turn on Parallels (Steps 1 and 2 are not always in that order).
    3) I go to the menu, Devices -> USB -> Mass Storage Device
    4) Got the message "The USB Device you are trying to connect to is being used by another application," or something like that.
    5) Restart Parallels, repeat step #3.
    6) Got the same message.

    I haven't restarted OSX cause I'm downloading some stuff that's almost done. But if that is the solution then that is very annoying indeed. I don't wanna restart everything just to connect to my external HD for 5 minutes.

    What's the solution? Thanks!
  2. babygodzilla

    babygodzilla Junior Member

    anyone else got this problem?
  3. johnv

    johnv Parallels Team Parallels Team


    Have You already installed Parallels Tools? Please upgrade Parallels Tools via Actions menu and restart Windows. Please shut down Windows properly (Start-Shut Down), close Parallels and restart the mac.

    Start Parallels, Windows and try to connect the hard disk via Devices - Usb menu one more time.

    Also please try to connect the hard drive as a shared folder by means of Parallels Shared Folders,

    Best regards,
  4. Robster

    Robster Hunter

    One other thing and maybe its only me.

    I always eject/dismount the drive from Mac OSX before i try grabbing it from Parallels.

    Don't unplug it just eject then enable in Parallels, I have had much better success that way and i don't get a Mac OSX error message saying I just removed a drive imprperly.

  5. babygodzilla

    babygodzilla Junior Member


    yes i have done so. in fact Parallels does so automatically after the upgrade installation.
  6. babygodzilla

    babygodzilla Junior Member


    yeah ive tried that as well
  7. RH1

    RH1 Junior Member

    I seem to have the problem. When I connect a USB hard drive to my Mac Book Pro, I can see it in the Mac finder. Also, it shows up as "checked" in the Parallels Devices list. But it is nowhere to be found within Windows (Vista Home Premium).

    I also note that when I turn on my computer, the USB hard drive will show up in the Mac finder, and then when I start Parallels, the USB hard drive will disappear from the Mac finder, as if Windows is grabbing it away. (I don't really care that this happens; I just note it to shed light on what my computer is doing.)

    Any way I can get Windows to show the attached USB hard drive? By the way, I am looking for it in the Start/Computer window.

  8. RH1

    RH1 Junior Member

    I am making progress:

    I shut down Windows.

    On the Parallels OS window, I clicked on the VM configuration button.

    I then clicked on the USB controller button.

    I then turned off the auto connection button.

    I now am able to access the external hard drive as follows:

    Windows desktop/Parallels shared folders/.Mac/Volumes/external drive

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