Can't drag file from XP to Mac, mouse gets stuck

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Gimbal, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Gimbal

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    Problem: I can drag a file from my Mac Desktop into an XP window. But if I try to drag a file from XP window to the Mac, the mouse gets stopped at the edge of window, and won't cross over to the Mac side.

    I have a new MacBook Pro, 10.4.10.
    Clean install of Parallels v3 build 4128, default settings.
    Clean install of Windows XP Pro SP2, with current Windows Updates.
    Parallels Tools Center says Build 4128, all default settings.

    If I try to drag 2 files from Windows to Mac... it works!

    This suggestion posted by another user worked: Under Configuration Editor > Options > change the "OS Version" from "Windows XP" to "Windows 2000", and restart Windows. Now I can drag a single file from Windows XP desktop to Mac Desktop. But changing this setting makes me nervous... will it have nasty side-effects?

    I also tired reinstalling Parallels Tools, as mentioned by a Parallels team member, but this makes no difference, and the Tools appear to be working fine.

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