Can't find the extracted winrar file

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by MCR, Jun 7, 2024.

  1. MCR

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    I downloaded a game and followed the instruction from the game website, then when I extracted the winrar file, issue happened:

    I can't find the extracted game launcher, it will automatically open when it finished extraction, but the next time when i tried to open it, it will extract once again. It's been happening for a few times now. I can even see the game launcher showing itself as (XX launcher [7]).

    I am sure it's hiding in somewhere else, but I can't find it even in the temp folder, does anyone know what happen? I am kinda frustrated about how the winrar file just keep extracting everytime I open it and the game launcher have to wait forever to download the patch because it thinks it's my first time opening the launcher. Thanks.
  2. LeRoi

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    Using WinRAR, you can specify where the extracted files are placed. When you double-click on the .RAR file, pay particular attention to the EXTRACt TO: destination. You'll find all of the files you've extracted there.

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