Can't get Boot Camp partition to work as VM

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by rdscow, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. rdscow

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    I have a "fresh" Boot Camp install of xp SP2, and a "fresh" install of Parallels 3106 Beta 3.

    I installed the mac drivers on the Boot Camp installation of Windows, then, booted into OSX. When I started Parallels, I followed the instructions for using a Boot Camp partition...Custom, Boot Camp, etc. I think the VM is created... but when it starts to boot I get this message:

    Parallels Desktop cannot find necessary drivers to configure your Boot Camp partition. Please refer to Help> Parallels Desktop Help> Using Boot Camp Windows XP Installation for troubleshooting.

    THe help files don't help. What am I missing?

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  3. ClunkClunk

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    I had the error that stated:
    In the Parallels User Guide it has some info about this error:
    When I did this, I had on my XP disc, but I did not have or If I copied and tried Parallels, I got the same error. I fixed it by locating another copy of an XP install disc, and digging in the disc to find the file, dropping it in to the i386 folder, and trying Parallels. After I did that, Parallels Desktop functioned exactly how it should with my Boot Camp partition. I'm not too sure why my disc doesn't have that file. It's an XP Pro Corporate Edition, SP2.

    Either way, my successful steps were these:
    1. Boot directly to XP via Boot Camp
    2. Copy from XP disc (or download it perhaps) to C:/windows/driver cache/i386
    3. Reboot back to Mac OS X
    4. Set up Parallels Desktop to use Boot Camp
  4. rdscow

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    That worked!

    I pulled off of an OEM XP2 SP2 disk I have. Then, dropped into the appropriate folder in my Windows boot camp setup.

    The file was already there, and the one off the disk was older than the one that I already had. So, I didn't add it.

    Let's see how this all works.

    I am, as usual, impressed as heck with Parallels.

  5. event

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    thanks, that worked for me! I didn't have to boot into windows first though, my Windows Partition is FAT32, so I did it in OSX

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