Cant Launch any Application. Possibly a Newbie problem

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by robbyvegas, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. robbyvegas

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    I'm running Server 2003 on 1 server
    I have installed Terminal Services and Terminal Services Licensing. I have also activated the Terminal Services Licensing.

    I have installed the most recent beta version of the 2X ApplicationServer software (as of 11/1/2006) on my server. I have also installed the client on my own machine running XP Pro. While we have a firewall, both machines are currently located behind the firewall and shouldn't have problems communicating. I have used the drag & drop feature to bring Microsoft Access 2003 and windows explorer to be served applications.

    While I can see both applications from the client, clicking on either application results in a blank application client window and a nifty application connector window that forever says that it is connecting to my server. When it finally gives up, I receive a licensing error. Specifically, the error message reads: "A licensing error occurred while the client was attempting to connect (Licensing Timed out). Please try to connect to the remote computer again."

    Any ideas?

  2. RatCatcher

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    Hi there,

    Sounds like your terminal server is having trouble talking to the license server. Microsoft recommend that the license server runs on the first DC of your domain.

    To check, under Admin tools--->Terminal Services Config, select 'server settings' and then double click 'License Server Discovery Mode' it should be set to 'Automatic' by default, it should also display the name of the license server in one of the bottom boxes.
    If there's nothing there, try changing it to 'Use these license servers' and typing the fully qualified name of your license server in.



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