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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by mybubbles65, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Finally got Windows to load successfully. I assume when you're finished with it, you shut it down like all Mac programs by selecting Quit Parallels Desktop. Then to restart open Parallels. I guess it should automatically open to the correct Virtual Machine cause I only have one. I click on start machine, it opens a black window and says booting from hard drive. Nothing happens it just stays there. Am I missing a step in getting the Windows window to come up?

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    Look at pic

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    if you do that you are putting ithe VM to sleep

    which I think is living dangerously
    (the old war horse FTM 16 loses data if you do that for example)

    better shut down windows cleanly from the start menu in the usual way

    then open Parallels and clone your virtual machine
    (preferably back up to an external hard disk at least once a week after the MS round of updates)

    so if you break a VM you just start over with the latest back up - ( make a new clone of the clone first of course)

    always save your data into the shared folders
    also stops the VM getting too big

    do standard windows good house keeping
    I use freebies Firewall and AVG ante virus
    and MS PC health
    MSN is brilliant fixing registry errors too

    let your machine settle when you start up
    have a coffee

    I use the dock to auto open two mailers and 12 tabs in Firefox 1.5 on start up

    parallels opens too but waits for my input
    which VM
    which user in WinXp sp2 will log on

    AVG grabs the virus updates

    I like Windows live messenger and the compatability of MS IE 7 with banks and so on

    I skipped Bootcamp becasue it was in perpetual beta


    Hugh W
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