Cant Open Quicken File on MAC Drive

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by MDSilverado, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I am running Lion and a nearly new MBP i7 with 8 gigs of ram. I recently installed Windows 7 on the Bootcamp drive and them installed Parallels Desktop 6. All of this so I can run Quicken 2010 when needed. The Quicken data file is on my MAC partition. When I try to access the data file from Quick I get a error message saying the file can not me retrieved. I thought I would be able to access files on the Mac drive from within Window/PD6? Am I wrong in thinking this? Or have I installed or configured something incorrectly?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. bjbyker


    potential solution

    I just installed Parallels on macbookpro yesterday for the same reason: to run quicken 2010 and other programs. I could not access the quicken database either as quicken would crash/quit. The original data files were on another pc and I just copied them to the mac and figured quicken would open them. I was wrong. The fix was this: go to the pc machine, run quicken and do a backup of your account from within quicken. Move that file to the mac, start quicken, choose 'Restore' and navigate to the file.

    Another thought may be that you are running Parallels in one of it's modes that it does not share the documents files across both operating systems. When I installed Parallels it asked me if I wanted to run them discretely (not sharing any files) or if I wanted to have both systems use the same files (ie, Documents folder). There was a 3rd option too as I recall, but I don't remember the particulars of it. Perhaps you are running Parallels in one of the modes that does not allow for sharing of files seamlessly across the mac/pc barrier? I believe in one of those modes you can grab the file while in the mac os and drag and drop it into the windows side and it will then be recognized by the Parallels/Windows operating system.

    Hope something in there helps out!
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    Same issue with files already resident on Mac

    I have been running Quicken 2011 successfully for quite a while using Parallels 6 on Mac, with Windows XP. I just upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion and now my Quicken files fail to open: "error, Quicken has to close". Upon further investigation I found that this happens also on a brand new Quicken file - but not always. Sometimes I can open the file, sometimes not. I uninstalled and re-installed Quicken but to no avail. Still the same problem. I have several other Windows applications installed, all of which continue to operate flawlessy. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Please reproduce this behaviour go to Parallels Help menu and choose 'Report a Problem'.

    Remember the Problem Report ID number and post it here - i would forward it to our Product Maintenance team for investigation.

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