Can't open Word docx files on macOS

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by James_Vandernaald, Aug 1, 2022.

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    Starting today, 1 August, my Word docx files on the Mac, now all have the red parallels symbol added their icons, and if I try to double-click one of them, it opens on the Windows 10 virtual machine but not on the Mac. If I do an "open with" and choose the Mac version of Word, the file will open on the Mac, but still won't save on the Mac and inherits the parallels symbol.

    What does work is to take one of the Mac docx files, do an "open with" to open on the Mac version of Word, and then save it as a doc file. All my Mac doc files behave normally, but not the docx files. So, I can live with this if I have to.

    iMac 27, 2020, Parallels v.17.1.4, macOS Monterey v.12.5, MacWord-365 v.16.63.1, WinWord-365 v.2206, Windows 10 v. 21H2
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  3. James_Vandernaald

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    Thank you, Nazeema. My problem is fixed, thanks to you.
    The only lingering anomaly is that when I create a docx file on macOS, it has the docx design on the icon, but with the addition of the two red bars of the Parallels logo. When I create a doc file on macOS, the Parallels design is not added.

    The two red bars is is not a problem. I can just ignore that. In general, when I create a doc or docx file from either operating system, I can open them either from Mac or from Windows, and they stay there. I am no longer transferred to Windows against my will.
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    4 Free Ways to Open DOCX Files on Your Mac
    Pages. One of the easiest ways to open and edit files DOCX on your Mac is using a built-in app--Pages.
    LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a free tool that can open various Microsoft file types, including DOCX.
    Google Docs.
    Word Online.


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