Can't Reserve Win10 - Parallels Display Driver Critical Issue

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MichaelS4, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. JohnW4

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    Following Billst10's lead..I also have a working Win 10 VM in Parallels real
    showstoppers to report; Adobe Premier Pro,Lightroom, Quicken 2015 and VideoReDo all
    seem happy at the moment..even the Parallels Win Desktop is more behaved;
    jury is still out on Edge , however..
  2. Billst10

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    You and I evidently have a similar set-up and similar results. My two key windows programs are Quicken 2015 (the Mac version is improved but still not as good) and Corel Draw for Windows. I'm finding the Windows 10 start menu a little sluggish but both programs will load and are operational. For both of us, the key was to forget the reservation system and its incompatibility message. Download the iso file from Microsoft, copy it to a DVD or SSD and then from your existing Windows program click on Start-up (I think that's was it was called) on the iso disk. Upgrades to Windows 10 without a problem.
  3. JohnW4

    JohnW4 Bit Poster

    Yes, thanx Bill for being the brave pioneer on this..seems stable enough; the
    new browser Edge is still half-baked, however and I still prefer Chrome ( altho
    it's a resource and battery hog); I'll report back on performance of my apps as I
    use them ; at first peek my apps seem to load faster and update quicker but
    I have not thrown anything hard at them as yet; I have allocated 4 GB and two of my
    four cpus to my VM (wish I had a new MB Pro with 16 GB and 8 cpus..oh well dreams)
    and this configuration is ok for most of the video editing I do in PPro;
    Thanx again for blazing the trail..
  4. willp1203

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    On launch day July 29, 2015, I used the instructions provided by DanielK4 to install the production release of Windows 10 on Parallels version 10 -- it worked!! Thank you very much.
  5. Fly

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    This process, DanielK4, and other ways I upgrade break my activation, who knows where product keys are, most definitely I have a genuine copy of Windows
  6. Fly

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    update....after I re-install Parallel 10 tools, activation OK
  7. CharlesW3

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    Nothing posted on all of this forum has worked for me as the problem persists. Just spent about 5 hours trying everything and nothing worked, so hoping Parallels will come up with a fix soon.
  8. JorgL

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    shame on you! you guys tell us just lies and we have to do creepy workarounds. the truth is that we have to wait for pd 11??? :mad:
  9. niico100

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    Why is everyone focussed on 'reserving' an upgrade? Microsoft have said the upgrade is free for a year.

    This whole thing is a total mess - perhaps waiting for Parallels 11 is the best move? (which by the way is a joke - VM Ware anyone?)
  10. JuhoM

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    I have Parallels 10 installed on a Mid-2010 iMac and had Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade version installed. I had the same problem with the "cannot install Windows 10 because of WDDM" error message although I was eventually able to reserve the upgrade. However, this morning I updated from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro via Microsoft's Media Creation Tool which I got from Microsoft's Windows page (where you go when you want to manually install Windows 10). This tool gave me two options: either to upgrade or to create media (fresh install or another PC). I chose to upgrade and everything went smoothly (took about half an hour). I now have Windows 10 Pro and it is activated. The Parallels Tools were installed automatically and I just had to restart Windows to finish their installation.

    Everything seems to be working okey (I chose to keep my files and settings) but cannot seem to access either the charms sidebar or the Parallels bar on the top when in full screen. I do have Start8 and ModernMix still installed and might have to uninstall them (or will they update to Windows 10 versions at any point for free).
  11. Maria@Parallels

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    Best Answer
    Guys, please check some info about the issue here.
    Also I'd like to let you know that we're working on the resolution with our Development.
    While we do not have ETA for the fix, it has been prioritized appropriately.
  12. Pagemakers

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    I managed to install it using the ISO file. Works OK but a few issues...

    1. How do I stop all this windows swiping when I click a few buttons. It's really annoying. It keeps swiping to a grey page. What is that?
    2. Something called shell experience host keeps popping up. How can I permanently disable it?
    3. Cortana keeps popping up in the task bar. When I click on it nothing happens apart from a grey screen. How can I disable that?
  13. JorgL

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    the reservation progress isn`t the point, no one can upgrade the sys properly with an iso and this is an insolence by pd after a bunch of user report it weeks ago. and after a long process of technical previews...
  14. RobbieC

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    No doubt in my mind that the "fix" will come with a paid upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11.
  15. ClintonM1

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    I have managed to get Windows 10 running.
    Some background: I did reserve a copy in early July. However subsequent restarts deleted the tray icon that was previously showing and clickable (with the video driver error). At the time of installation, there was no icon available.

    I am running Yosemite on a 27" late 2012 iMac (no CD drive). I am on PD 10.2.2 (29105). I was using 32 bit Win 7 Ultimate.

    1. I first attempted to follow earlier advice and uninstall parallels tools, then I tried to run the downloaded ISO, it failed because it wanted a MS Key that I can no longer find. No option just to upgrade versus clean install.

    2. I reinstalled parallels tools and tried the same ISO image again. Same fail. No upgrade option, just clean install with a key code I cannot find.

    3. I left parallels tools installed and used The media creation tool, accessed from the IE within the VM. Here is a link:

    Success, the media creation tool took about 45 minutes from DL to completed installation.

    Hope you find success today too. It was a frustrating process, and my disappointment in Parallels for not resolving this a month ago will influence my future decisions to use PD.
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  16. JohnW4

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    I wouldn't be in a rush to flame Parallels; after all, Win 10 RTM has only been available to
    insiders for 2 weeks or so and OS X is in transition from 10.10 to 10.11; for me it's
    absolutely amazing that PD works at all this early in the life of a major MS OS release;
    no one forced any of us to move from Win7/8.1 to 10; if my life/work depended on
    PD working solidly at this point I would not move to Win 10 for 6 months or more..
    Your mileage may (and will) vary...
  17. jebworks

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    Followed this exact process and here is the error message I get during the initializing phase:
    As usual a text that nobody other than an IT geek can interpret!

    Win 10 Install Error.png
  18. Nick3

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    Best method to install is using the Microsoft's legitimate Media Creation Tool as mentioned by users above. Heres its download link:

    No need for any reservation or uninstalling of Parallels Tools. Just download and run the tool and you will end up with an activated Windows 10. Was needed or not I don't know but I reinstalled the Parallels Tools after the upgrade finished. Just reinstalled by clicking "Actions" in the Menu followed by clicking the option "Reinstall Parallels Tools".

    The entire process is also explained and discussed in detail in the following link:

    I would say all PCs should be upgraded using this method instead of waiting for Microsoft guys to allow you the very same process after a few days.
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