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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dsmac, May 1, 2006.

  1. dsmac

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    First of all, let me say... this software is awesome.

    I have a crazy problem. Somehow, I managed to get the VM console window expanded beyond the bounds of my display (external display with a mac mini). Now I can't get to the bottom right corner of the window in order to resize it (Of course, I can still switch to full screen mode just fine). Any ideas? In case you were going to suggest that I change to a higher resolution, my display is already set at 1280x1024. When I reload Parallels, it remembers the old window setting, so I can't get rid of the problem. If there's an obvious (stupid user) solution, don't be shy about offering it - I'm a new convert from windows, so I'm just learning my way around the mac world.
  2. dhjdhj

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    The lack of a scrollable window is one of the real annoyances for me too.

  3. wesley

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    Hmm, VirtualPC offered the scroll bars. PW could have an option of using them, too. :)
  4. dsmac

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    This is a real pain in the neck. Now I can only use PW in full screen mode, because I can't get to the Windows Start Bar (it's off the bottom of the screen). I can't resize the window, because I can't get to the resize handle (it's also off the bottom of the screen). Even if I reinstall PW, it retains the prior window size information, so that doesn't work. Since PW disables the green "+" (expand window to fit display) button on the title bar, I'm stumped (why is that anyway? It's the only app I know that does that). I searched for other Mac Tiger solutions, but couldn't find anything that works. I found some software called Windows Dragon, but it requires something called Application Enhancer that I couldn't get to install. Any ideas? Anyone else run into this problem?
  5. richcrook

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    Resize the MS Windows display size to make the virtual window on the desktop smaller. It should automatically resize itself if you have that perference checked...
  6. rarudio

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    I had the same issue but it went away as soon as I installed Parallels Tools. Give it a try.

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