Can't see "[C] Microsoft Window XP" files in Retrospect

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    When 3.0 came out and I read about the ability to mount Windows volumes on the Mac desktop, I thought we finally had the perfect backup solution. Just point Retrospect (or whatever your backup program is) at the volumes, and normal incremental backup logic would handle all the changed Windows files - *much* better than backing up up the 7G virtual image every time 2 bytes changed.

    Unfortunately, Retrospect is not seeing any files in the Windows shared volume. It sees it just fine, just like my network volumes, but either when backuing up or exploring the volume it thinks there are no files.

    Has anybody else gotten this to work, or understand if it's possible? Is it to do where the MacFuse file system hooks are or something?
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    I'm not sure which part of page 163+ you're suggesting. I see the volumes on my OSX desktop, and in Retrospect.

    The problem is Retrospect doesn't seem to think there are any files in the volume.

    I've attached 3 screen shots:

    The first shows the volumes in Retrospect's directory
    The second show the volume info for the C: share. Bytes are showing right
    The third shows the files Retrospect thinks are in the volume - none. That's why I thought it might have something to do with MacFuse / Retrospect compatibility.

    I've googled every (combination of) keywords I can think of that might be relevant, and looked everywhere I can think of on both the Parallels and EMC web sites. I haven't found anything. I don't know if that means nobody else is trying this, or it's working for everybody else. I'm having trouble with the possibility nobody has tried it, since this seems to me to be the single most valuable feature in 3.0 - well, maybe second next to snapshots.

    Any ideas?

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