Can't see license key in account to migrate to new Mac

Discussion in 'Licensing and Activation' started by MartinU4, Sep 15, 2023.

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    I need to move my Parallels license to a new Mac. Your help pages say to log into my account and remove the license from the outgoing Mac but there is no product registered in the account I'm trying. I don't have any other logins saved in my password manager and have tried password resets for every other email addresses I use, but none of them are coming through.

    I also tried the "I don't remember my account email" link in the Forgot password flow and have entered my License key but no email arrived...

    I tried to see if I could find a way around it in the app itself, so went to 'Parallels' in the menu bar, then 'Account & license...'; it said there was an active license (until early next year) but there was a button saying 'Enter a key'. I pressed that and it asked for an activation key, so I entered mine again. It then asked me to sign in, so I did, but it brought me back to the license key page again. I entered the key again and it said "The current copy of Parallels Desktop Business Edition has been successfully activated." However, when I log into the same account on the web, the activated product still isn't there.

    In the web panel, the 'View My Parallels Products' button is disabled.

    I'm really not sure what to do here.
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    Thank you for your feedback

    We have sent you a private message to request additional information to proceed further with your request.
    Please check your inbox and reply us at your convenience

    Thank you.

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