can't seem to increase my system drive (C:) space

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by mikec17, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Context: create VM using the 'import from bootcamp' feature. The bootcamp partition was created at 90G, and quickly became almost full (10% free at time of import). So now that I have this new VM, I want to increase the system drive size. The VM is set up to auto expand, but that doesn't seem to address the system drive size, so if I try and install a large program it will say I don't have enough disk space. I tried doing some of the actions I found in previous forum posts and in support articles, but none seemed to change the system drive size. When I bring up the control center for this VM and go to hard disk and then advanced/p;roperties, it shows the disk size as 466G, so that is clearly including all the unused drive space on my Mac OS partition, but that doesn't help me. I tried using the windows Diskpart command to 'extend filesystem' (posted in previous support article/post), but that didn't help. Is it even going to be possible for me to increase my system, BOOTCAMP (C:), drive? And if so, how?
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    Hi @mikec17 , please try Actions > Take snapshot . Once it is done, please download Mini partition tool inside Windows virtual machine and try extending the volume and check if that helps.
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    Where is the "mini partition tool" to be found?

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